Women in Business: A Portrait of Dream Dinners Franchisees

August 25, 2015 Comments (None)

Women in Business: A Portrait of Dream Dinners Franchisees

At Dream Dinners, we whole-heartedly support women in leadership roles. Our Dream Dinners franchisees are emblematic of our drive to see mothers embrace a larger calling and help build their communities and families.

Part of a Larger Trend

Many women may be discouraged by what may seem like a male-dominated game in business ownership. However, there are promising signs for the future of women-headed businesses in the U.S. Specifically, there’s been significant growth among women from racial minorities owning businesses.

Citing data from the Census Bureau, Inc. magazine wrote that the number of businesses owned by Hispanic women jumped 87 percent in the 5-year span between 2007 and 2012. Meanwhile, the number of businesses owned and operated by Asian women increase 44 percent, and those for black women rose 68 percent. In total, there are 10 million businesses owned by women. This growth rate is better than the wider national trend for new business openings.

Franchising a Promising Industry

Meanwhile, the franchising industry has shown strong growth in the number of women assuming control over new locations. Although men own roughly 56 percent of all franchises, 20.5 percent of franchisees are women—and that number is growing in part because of demographic shifts, greater financial independence and an increasing demand for the unique skills that women can bring to a franchise.

“Because women in general are collaborative and want to create win-win relationships, we make wonderful franchise owners,” says Stephanie Allen, co-founder of Dream Dinners.

In addition, many women are also experts at networking and creating partnerships with people that will build a successful franchise. Close attention to detail and organization skills give many female leaders an advantage as operators and managers.

Investing in the Dream Dinners Franchise Opportunity

For women looking to enter the franchising world, owning a Dream Dinners franchise serves as a unique opportunity for mothers, allowing them to reach toward an ultimate mission that is greater than themselves, while also benefitting their own families.

“The culture of Dream Dinners is what I liked,” said Sara GilBride, a Dream Dinners franchisee. “It is an incredible group of like-minded business people who want to make a difference in their community by helping parents with dinnertime stress. Over the years, Dream Dinners franchisees and the Home Office are like a family.  Everyone is willing to help each other out so we can all be successful.”

By investing in a Dream Dinners franchise, franchisees are simultaneously investing in our nation’s children by helping families provide a home-cooked meal to nourish their bodies and minds. For more information about how you can invest in a Dream Dinners franchise, visit our franchising opportunities website.