Why Owning a Dream Dinners Franchise is the Answer for You?

We want to inspire families to create a legacy for their children…a loving and nurturing home complete with regular family meals.  Our hope is that they will grow up becoming confident, successful, and committed parents who repeat the process of investing in the next generation. Together, we can make a better world!

~ Stephanie and Tina, Dream Dinners Co-founders

Our Mission and Purpose for Franchise Expansion

Owning a Dream Dinners’ Franchise gives professionals a purpose greater than themselves. As leaders and parents, we have the potential to create a legacy by investing in the people who matter most, our children.

We have an incredible opportunity to nourish our kids and equip them to become loving, confident, and courageous adults.  We want to see them grow up with strong convictions, reject passivity, and stand for what is right.

Through our franchises, we are equipping parents to provide regular, homemade family meals which are one powerful means toward accomplishing this goal. As a Franchise Owner, you can partner with us to nurture the nurturers and make a difference in the lives of families across America.

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