Top Three Character Traits to Look For in a Franchise Employee

October 9, 2014 Comments (None)

Searching for the right individuals to help you run your franchise location isn’t always easy. Although you run everything behind the scenes, your employees are often the face of your franchise because they are who your customers interact with on an everyday basis. Due to this fact, it’s important to look for specific qualities in your candidates when recruiting and ultimately hiring.

Some hiring managers today are beginning to focus on less traditional factors when choosing employees. In fact, according to Forbes, a recent study shows that the immense majority of employers are searching for a “cultural fit” in candidates over technical or job-related skills. The thought process behind the strategy is that it is easier for employers to teach new hires technical skills, rather than soft skills like the right personality. To make your job easier when hiring people to run your franchise, here are the top three personality traits to look for when hiring for your franchise:

  1. A Holistic Perspective: When running a franchise, it’s essential for employees to have an interest in how your business operates on a day-to-day basis. This stems from them wanting to understand what other employees in your franchise do and how everyone’s actions together create the thriving business. It’s important for a job candidate to show interest and appreciation in the bigger picture of your business, not just the specific position or department that they are looking at. After all, the best franchises succeed when all departments are working together. Without employees who have well-rounded perspectives, this will be harder to achieve.
  2. Ability to Admit Fault: Although the old saying goes, “everybody makes mistakes,” not everyone has the inclination or willingness to admit to them. When individuals are able to admit their errors, this shows that they have had the chance to learn from them, making them less likely to repeat them. This willingness to acknowledge fault can benefit your franchise profoundly. Most franchises tend to have some level of service associated with them, so when employees are able to identify their wrongdoings, then this can help to create a better customer satisfaction experience. On the front-end, this personality can aid in keeping customers happy. On the back end, when employees are able to own up to their mistakes, the entire business can learn from one individual’s mistakes, creating a business-wide learning experience rather than just a personal one.
  3. Self-monitoring: Looking for candidates who have the initiative to begin tasks on their own without being asked is key for a successful franchise. This sort of self-sufficiency and leadership shouldn’t be looked at solely in managerial or higher up positions, but rather across all levels. This will make everyone’s job in the business much easier because constant delegation won’t always be necessary, because when one task is done, it is assumed that another is being started.

When it’s time for your franchise to search for its next employee, take into account these three characteristic traits when interviewing.  Hiring for personality rather than skills may be the key to running a successful business. After all, it is much easier to learn a new skill than to rid someone of a bad trait.