The Significance of Hiring the Right Franchise Team

September 2, 2014 In: Hiring, Ingredients for Success Comments (None)

When it comes to developing a new business, many entrepreneurs experience difficulty when trying to assemble the right franchise team to run their establishment due to lack of experience. This trial-and-error process of hiring can be both expensive to your business and a waste of time and resources.

In the franchising sector, hiring the right franchise team is especially imperative because customers expect consistent service across all brand locations, so this experimental hiring process should be avoided at all costs.

“As an emerging franchisor, it is likely that franchisees will interact with every person in your company at some level,” said Christian Faulconer, CEO of the Franchise Foundry. “Your employees need to reflect the brand and represent the company’s core values.”

Investing in the right franchise employees and management yields a plethora of benefits, including a more productive business, a smoother operation and happier customers. Here are some essential tips for when it’s time to focus your franchise’s efforts on recruiting a superb team.

1) Utilize your franchisor’s words of wisdom. Franchisors can offer a wealth of advice and resources to a franchisee, and this shouldn’t be overlooked by new entrepreneurs. Looking to your franchisor for assistance when recruiting your first class of employees is commonplace in the franchise industry. Many franchisors offer direction for recruiting and retaining the right staff and even provide recommended employee training programs to help get franchise staff up to speed on the business and their duties – a selling point for franchisees and prospective employees alike.

2) Focus on the Interview. Although reviewing resumes and other job-specific characteristics are vital to hiring a potential candidate, it’s critical not to overlook the interviewing process. People can look really great on paper and not perform up to standards in reality, and vice versa. No matter if you’re hiring for a minimum-wage position or a managerial member, it’s vital to ask prospective employees personality, situational, experience and analytical questions to get a well-rounded idea of how a staff member can think on his or her feet and problem-solve. However, don’t overlook personality-based questions, because as stated above, most employees will be dealing with customers hands-on, so it’s important that they have people skills.

3) Sculpt a Team Environment. When looking for employees to populate your franchise, individual skills and qualities are important, but how all of these employees attributes will work together is as and sometimes even more crucial. When people aren’t working together in a business, this can cause problems that ultimately may take away from the success of the franchise. Thriving franchises have a staff that collaborate with, assist and communicate well with one another. If a franchisee can’t see a prospective candidate fitting in well with the franchise culture and team, then that is probably a sign that that candidate isn’t right for the job.

When it comes to hiring the right group of individuals to operate your franchise, it’s important to recognize that all franchisees make hiring mistakes. Although it may be difficult and unpleasant, it’s important for franchisees to recognize when a current employee isn’t benefitting the franchise, and letting them go. It may be tough at the time, but franchisees should just remind themselves that hiring the right team is vital to the current and future success of the business.