Social Media Advice for Dream Dinners Franchisees

July 9, 2015 Comments (None)

Social Media Advice for Dream Dinners Franchisees

In the age of social media, having a brand presence and awareness is crucial for success. As a Dream Dinners franchisee, being active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has become an integral piece of relational marketing. These free digital platforms allow a business owner to build a strong following, engage with guests and help create brand awareness without exceeding budgetary constraints.

A study by Accenture found that roughly 71 percent of consumers use social media to help make purchasing decisions. Another 33 percent of consumers, according to Nielsen, report that they would rather contact brands via social media rather than by telephone.

For a Dream Dinners franchisee, having a strong understanding of social media can help drive your business in a positive direction. Today, Dream Dinners franchise reviews three quick tips for Dream Dinners franchisees to help navigate the ups and downs of social media customer service.

  1. Be Active

    Having a strong social media presence that effectively drives guest engagement requires constant supervision. Timing is everything, and with social media, it’s all about how quickly your followers can get in touch with you when they want. A recent study by Edison Research found that 66 percent of customers who use social media for customer service expect a response in one day or less, with 42 percent expecting a response in less than an hour. Because of this, it’s vital for Dream Dinners franchisees to man their social media pages on a daily basis.

  2. Take the Conversation Offline

    We have identified the importance of a quick response, and this often means taking your digital conversation offline. With comments, concerns and complaints readily expressed through social media platforms, it is important to rectify the situation both online as well as over the phone or in person. We recommend leaving all necessary contact information in your social media reply. By doing so, other patrons are informed that you are willing to go the extra mile for those who are dissatisfied, and this can go a long way for brand and product loyalty.

  3. Find a Resolution

    Upsetting a consumer is the last thing a Dream Dinners franchisee should want to do, but it will happen. Providing excellent customer service means doing everything in your power to resolve the issue at hand. By working quickly and efficiently to resolve the situation and satisfy the customer, this demonstrates a high standard of service, helping to build loyalty and ultimately grow your business.

The most important tip we can provide any Dream Dinners franchisees is to always try to remain calm, cool and collected when dealing with customer service on social media sites. Do your best to ensure all responses are presented in a timely and professional manner. Remember, if you deal with the situation correctly, it may even mean turning an angry, dissatisfied individual in to a happy, repeat guest.