Learn More About Why Valerie Bass Loves Being a Dream Dinners Franchisee

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Learn More About Why Valerie Bass Loves Being a Dream Dinners Franchisee

When Valerie Bass first heard of Dream Dinners, she instantly knew that it was a franchise system and family-centric movement that she wanted to be a part of. Today, Valerie is a Dream Dinners franchisee in Carlsbad, Calif. and truly loves giving back to her community through providing a service that brings families together.

Having many years of experience in the retail industry, the food industry was foreign to her, but the service aspect of Dream Dinners was familiar.

“I knew nothing about food, but I did know that there were a lot of moms that felt guilty about the time that they were able to spend at the table,” Valerie said. “Having raised my own two kids with a husband working a lot of hours and my working part time or volunteering, I knew how hard it was. I wanted to be a part of this franchise.”

Valerie enjoys the flexibility that accompanies franchise ownership, like being able to pick up and drop off her son from school every day and going on vacations with her family when she wants. Valerie has built a team of employees that she genuinely loves being around and working with, which makes going to work each day fun.

One of her favorite aspects of being a Dream Dinners franchisee is having her customers inform her of how their lives have been transformed since utilizing Dream Dinners.

“One of my favorite stories is a guest that came into our store for the first time and we asked her how she heard about us and she said from our marriage counselor,” Valerie recalled. “Or there was another guest whose husband passed away and he was the one that always made dinners, and she didn’t even know how to cook. It was Dream Dinners that brought them back to the table.”

To learn more about why Valerie loves being a Dream Dinners franchisee, watch her video Q&A here:

Become a Dream Dinners Franchisee!

Are you looking for a career with a cause? Then becoming a Dream Dinners franchisee may be the right career choice for you. Dream Diners franchise is currently looking for franchisees to join our system who:

  • Demonstrate a high degree of integrity
  • Have the desire to accomplish the Dream Dinners mission
  • Possess an entrepreneurial mindset with a giving heart
  • Enjoy interacting with people and building teams
  • Are passionate about impacting their community for the better

Does this portrait of an ideal Dream Dinners franchisee look like you? To learn more about the Dream Dinners franchise opportunity, visit the Dream Dinners franchise information page today.