Lauren Persall Finds Joy in Helping Her Community as a Dream Dinners Franchisee

June 25, 2015 Comments (None)

Lauren Persall Finds Joy in Helping Her Community as a Dream Dinners Franchisee

Lauren Persall, a Dream Dinners franchisee in San Luis Obispo, CA, was exposed to the Dream Dinners franchise after giving birth to twins. When she came home from the hospital, Lauren’s friend wanted to take some of the “new mom stress” off her plate because she clearly had her hands full. Her friend decided to bring Lauren some Dream Dinners meals to provide her with nutritious and stress-free meals, giving her more time to focus on her newborns. The meals were quick, easy and delicious; Lauren was hooked at first bite.

Becoming Part of the Dream Dinners Franchise Team
As a loyal Dream Dinners customer, Lauren looked forward to visiting her local Dream Dinners franchise location each month to prepare her family’s meals. She was constantly surrounded by supportive, great people, and loved every minute of it.

Prior to becoming a Dream Dinners franchisee, Lauren was just part of the team at Dream Dinners. Brought on board as the Dream Taste Event Coordinator and Sales Lead, she instantly saw the growth and the future potential of the Dream Dinners franchise model.

In 2013, when Lauren was told that the Dream Dinners franchise location that she frequented (then a corporate location) had made the difficult decision to close, and she knew that she couldn’t let it leave the San Luis Obispo area for good.

“I stayed to help them close the doors and the outpouring of love and support and tears from the guests during this time just sent me into a whirlwind idea of the possibility to own it,” Lauren said. “I knew the potential. I knew the community. I love the people of San Luis Obispo County and I knew I had a service that could provide them with healthy, restaurant quality, affordable, stress-free meals.”

The decision to take on a franchise was easy. She approached the home office and let them know she was interested in joining the family of Dream Dinners franchisees and wanted to reopen the San Luis Obispo County location. Three weeks later, Lauren officially became a Dream Dinners franchisee and reopened the location as a franchise.

“It was amazing,” she said. “The home office made it the most incredible transition and were just over the top in helping me!”

Giving Back to Her Community as a Dream Dinners Franchisee
Since becoming a Dream Dinners franchisee in 2013, her Dream Dinners franchise location has experienced more than a 150 percent increase in gross sales. Lauren can’t imagine what her life would be like without her Dream Dinners franchise. She says that she’s the happiest when she is spreading the word to her community about what Dream Dinners can do for them. Over the past two years, her guests and employees have become like family to her.

“The friendships I have made with my employees and guests are amazing,” Lauren said. “I love that guests feel comfortable texting me at 5 a.m. to tell me that they have gone into labor.  I love, although am heartbroken, that a family invites me to bring food to their door as their wife and young mother of two children is on hospice.  I love that they allow me in to their lives and that what we do for them matters as much to them as what they do for us. It is truly incredible to see and be a part of.”

Giving back is something Lauren finds satisfying— helping busy families eat dinner together regularly. But for Lauren it’s about also about giving back to her community. Her Dream Dinners franchise provides donations to local non-profit events, school fundraisers and to families in need.

When Lauren was asked her favorite aspect of being a Dream Dinners franchisee, she had a hard time choosing just one thing.

”One of the most rewarding parts is leading an incredible team allowing us to bring our amazing guests nutritious food, but I truly enjoy every aspect of being a franchisee,” Lauren said. “We allow busy people of all dynamics to walk through our doors and take home fresh, delicious and healthy meals… I love that I can bring that exact aspect to hundreds within our community.”

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