How Your Kids’ Eating Habits Can Change their Lives

August 27, 2015 Comments (None)

How Your Kids’ Eating Habits Can Change their Lives

Did you know that more than one-third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese in 2012? And that number continues to rise as more and more kids embrace unhealthy eating habits.

When families can’t find the time to gather around the dinner table to enjoy a wholesome meal, there are often negative consequences on everyone’s overall health. However, children are the most at-risk with poor eating habits.

5 Startling Facts About Children’s Eating Habits

  1. Most children eat about three snacks per day. However, these make up a large portion of their daily caloric intake. In fact, these snacks make up 27 percent of their daily consumption of calories.
  2. Nearly two-thirds of children between the age of 1 and 12 eat out at a restaurant one to three times each week.
  3. The average child consumes 40 percent of his or her daily caloric intake from foods that are made of empty calories, such as fruity drinks, soda, dairy desserts and pizza.
  4. About 33 percent of children don’t eat breakfast on a daily basis.
  5. One-quarter of toddlers don’t eat a single serving of fruit each day, and 30 percent don’t eat a single serving of vegetables.

Eating Habits in Youth Affect Later Life Choices

One of the most compelling reasons that parents should be ensuring their kids are able to enjoy a delicious meal at dinnertime is because these experiences will shape their futures. Habitual, at-home family meals are a great opportunity for parents to present their sons and daughters with nutritious and satisfying meals filled with a variety of ingredients.

Additionally, inviting your kids—depending on their age—into the kitchen can instill positive practices into their lives that they will carry out when they become adults and start families of their own. Studies have shown that children who consume at least 5 dinners together with their family each week have healthier eating habits, such as eating more vegetables and fruits and consuming less soda and fried foods.

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