Dream Dinners Franchisee Spotlight: Erin Mike & Jamie Mills

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How Opening a Dream Dinners Franchise Transformed the Families and Community of these Dream Dinners Franchisees

When Jamie Mills and Erin Mike first visited a local Lake Forest, California Dream Dinners franchise locations with their Mom’s Club, they immediately were in awe of the concept. Although neither of the two women were looking for a career change — Jamie was a stay at home mom and Erin was a teacher—they knew that they had to bring a Dream Dinners to their Tustin, California community.

Since opening their franchise in September of 2006, their business has been booming with busy mothers and fathers looking for a solution to help them easily prepare healthy meals for their families. Here Dream Dinners franchisees Jamie Mills and Erin Mike share their thoughts on franchise ownership and how opening a Dream Dinners franchise has changed their families.

What drew you to becoming interested in owning a franchise?
Jamie: The concept. I have always been a firm believer in the importance of the family meal. As my kids were getting older, it was harder and harder to pull that off. I loved the fact that I could help families in our community. To me it was like giving them a gift.

Erin: We walked out that night, and Jamie said we need this in Tustin. I was a teacher in Long Beach at the time and was commuting a pretty far distance. I wanted to either look for a teaching job closer to home, or try something else… and this was the something else!

What is your favorite part about being a Dream Dinners owner?
Jamie: The flexibility. Our store is at a point where it runs itself. Our manager and team are amazing.  Erin and I are rarely in our store, which at this point in our lives is very important because we both still have small children.

Erin: My family always has a healthy dinner! It has also made my kids such great eaters. They have been eating Dream Dinners since they were very young, so they are not picky at all.

Why do you enjoy being a franchisee?
Jamie: Dream Dinners is a very unique franchise because it is like one big family. Our franchise owners want to help each other be successful. Not only are we friends with the other franchise owners all over the country, but I know we could call them at any time and receive advice or help. We meet regularly with other owners to discuss the business and to help each other, and I love that about Dream Dinners.

Erin: I enjoy it because we help so many families get a healthy dinner on the table. Since I live in the same city where our store is, we have people stop us all the time and tell us thank you and that we have made their life so much easier. It’s nice to be at a soccer game or helping at school and someone stops you to tell you how much they love Dream Dinners.

How has the business brought your family together?
Jamie: My family is very proud of the fact that we own our local Dream Dinners. Every time we sit down to enjoy one of our meals, my family discusses the meal and what they like about it. At some point all three of my children have helped at the business in some way.

Erin: Dream Dinners has made dinnertime at our house incredibly important and a special time for us.  When it’s time for dinner, the TV is off and iPads, phones and toys are not at the table. It’s our time to find out about everyone’s day and things going on in their lives.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a Dream Dinners owner?
Jamie: Knowing that what you are doing is making a difference in people’s lives. When we have customers come in and tell us they could not imagine living without us or that they now finally eat as a family regularly. Hearing their stories are the most rewarding.

Erin: I think the most rewarding part is having brought so many people back to the dinner table in our community. It’s so amazing when I am out somewhere and someone stops me and thanks me for Dream Dinners. Or when someone introduces me as a Dream Dinners owner and people get so excited because they love it so much. It makes people happy, and I love that.

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