Dream Dinners is Helping Combat Childhood Obesity in America

October 2, 2014 Comments (None)

Obesity in America has reached new heights and the epidemic is sweeping beyond the adult population and is now severely affecting our nation’s children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the past 30 years childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and more than quadrupled in adolescents. If this obesity growth isn’t alarming enough, in America today, more than one third of children are considered overweight or obese – that’s more than 23 million people affected.

How Can We Combat this Epidemic?
Due to this alarming trend, September was named National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Throughout the month of September, educators, doctors and elected officials will stand and fight the childhood obesity epidemic to help create a healthier future for Americans. However, it’s not just these individuals who can help take a stand against childhood obesity. Childhood obesity doesn’t have to be permanent. There are steps that parents and children can take both separately and together to help create a healthier and more nutritious future for our children.

Other than the obvious solutions of eating less or more nutritious meals and becoming more active, there are other solutions that can help to decrease the likelihood of a child becoming obese.

  • Share Meal Times: One of the most influential ways that parents can help combat obesity in their children is by sitting down and sharing mealtimes with their entire families. A study by Cornell University found that when children share mealtimes with their parents and other family members, they are 24 percent more likely to eat healthier foods, yielding them to also be 12 percent less likely to become overweight or obese. Just by sitting down for 30 minutes and by sharing a meal together, children have better odds to live a healthier future. Similarly, a study by Harvard University found that children who eat at least five dinners together a week in their homes had healthier eating habits, including consuming more fruits, vegetables and juice.
  • Prepare Together: Not only does eating together have these profound effects on a child’s diet, but a children’s visibility to his or her parents preparing meals in the house can help to encourage them to make healthier eating decisions when they aren’t around the dinner table. In fact, research shows that parents can affect the quality of their children’s food choices outside of the home by spending more time cooking in their homes. In this study, the children of parents who reported spending more time preparing meals at home were more likely to choose meals with lower calorie counts and energy density without parental guidance compared to children whose parents don’t commonly prepare their meals at home.

The Dream Dinners Solution
Planning, prepping and cooking a dinner may not always be easy for mothers and fathers to do on a regular basis due to their hectic schedules, and this is commonly why these parents turn to fast food meals or eating out at restaurants. However, Dream Dinners provides a solution for busy parents.

Dream Dinners is a franchise that helps families make homemade meals at their locations to bring home and then freeze, thaw and cook them at their own convenience. Dream Dinners enables parents to prepare 12 dinners in an hour using freshly prepped ingredients and that are nutritious. It’s the goal of each Dream Dinners location to bring families together around the dinner tables to help provide a nutritious mealtime experience to them, and making them less susceptible to this obesity epidemic.

For more information about Dream Dinners or the available franchise opportunities, visit the Dream Dinners franchise opportunity website today.