Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Hire Employees Who Fit Their Culture

July 28, 2015 Comments (None)

How Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Hire Employees Who Fit Their Culture

Your Dream Dinners franchise is hiring—your first instinct is to look for a new employee who has experiences or skills that align with the employment opportunity. And while looking for the right skill set is important when hiring, it is equally as important to identify a candidate who fits your store’s culture and employee dynamic.

Workplace skills can be easily taught, learned and refined over time, but cultural fit doesn’t work the same way.  It is important to find an individual who can fit into the environment you have created—”if an employee doesn’t fit the mold [of your company culture,] then it’s going to be nearly impossible to force it on them. They will eventually get frustrated and quit because they will want something that you can’t provide them,” said Robert Preziosi, HR and leadership expert.

Sharing the Dream Dinners Franchise Mission

When looking for a candidate who is an ideal cultural fit for your Dream Dinners franchise, their values should align with those of your business. Dream Dinners franchisees value family, relationships, service and tradition, so employees you add to your team should also share these values. Working to develop a team of employees who understand and embody a company’s values, helps to reinforce the franchise’s mission, ultimately creating a tighter, trusting and collaborative team.

When publicizing the open position in your business, use the job posting to clearly communicate your Dream Dinners franchise’s values, mission and culture to draw in the right candidates for the position from the get-go.

How to Determine Cultural Fit in an Interview

When interviewing candidates for your Dream Dinners franchise,  we suggest asking a variety of skills and work experience questions. We also recommend asking a slew of non-work related questions. Getting to know the candidate on a more personal level allows you to identify if he or she will mesh well with your current staff and environment. Consider asking candidates:

  • What do you like to do when you’re not working?
  • Can you tell me about a time that you were flexible and cooperative?
  • In a group setting, what role do you typically take?
  • How do you define success?
  • What’s your ideal work environment?

Although these questions may not tell you much about a candidate’s work abilities, it will help you to get to know them on a deeper level to see if they are an ideal fit for your Dream Dinners culture. It is important to remember that just because a candidate values don’t align with those of your Dream Dinners franchise doesn’t make them a bad person, it just means that they may not be the right fit for your Dream Dinners franchise.

Finding employees who contribute positively to your franchise’s culture can help to build a great work environment that your employees and customers will enjoy being a part of. Company culture should be kept top-of-mind when sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding new employees to your team.

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