How Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Deliver Exceptional Guest Service

April 23, 2015 Comments (None)

How Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Deliver Exceptional Guest Service in Any Situation

All Dream Dinners franchisees and their employees aim to provide exceptional guest service at all times, but no franchise is perfect. As a business owner you will likely encounter unhappy or unsatisfied guest during your tenure. How Dream Dinners franchisees respond to these unhappy guests can make the difference between satisfying a once mad guest with an appropriate remedy or losing a guest due to subpar guest service.

When it comes to dealing with difficult guests, the end goal should always remain the same— remedy the situation in a timely manner and have the guest leaving your franchise location on a positive note with a clear resolution. However, getting to this resolution is oftentimes easier said than done. Today, Dream Dinners will discuss appropriate tips and necessary steps to providing superior guest service in any situation, good, bad or ugly.

Five Steps to an Excellent Guest Service Experience

  1. Stay Calm: Often, when an unsatisfied guest approaches you regarding a problem with your business, the guest will display both visual and vocal signs of anger or distress. It’s in our human nature to subconsciously mirror who we are speaking with, in this case, returning a guest’s anger and aggression with anger and aggression. This is a scenario Dream Dinners Franchisees should always try to avoid. If a franchisee responds with anger or by yelling, this will only negatively escalate the situation— making it less likely the parties will come to a mutually satisfying resolution. To overcome this subconscious tendency, Dream Dinners franchisees can mentally check themselves and their responses periodically throughout a discussion. Staying calm always for one to remain mindful and maintain the ability to rebalance their attitude if needed.
  2. Listen: Along with remaining calm, cool and collected, it is of the upmost importance to listen to your guests. Begin your conversation by asking, what happened to cause the dissatisfaction and carefully listen to the guest’s response. Before providing a response to your guest address any questions you many have by asking clarifying questions— with a full understanding of the issue you can better understand and will be more prepared to discuss a resolution.  If this is a recurring issue for your franchise tries to gather any other information that can assist your business and your employees in providing excellent customer service.
  3. Empathize and Apologize: Demonstrating to your guests that you understand their feelings, their frustrations or concerns, can help show the guest that you care about them. Regardless of the complaint, the employee dealing directly with the guest should always provide a sincere apology. In many situations a simple “I’m sorry” or “my apologies” can go a long way to rectifying the situation with an unhappy guest.
  4. Ask How You Can Help: Asking the guest how you may fix their dissatisfaction expresses to the guest that you’re looking to satisfy their needs. Instead of immediately offering up a solution, take a moment to ask them how the situation can or should be remediated in their mind. This immediately shows the guest you’re willing to take their opinion into consideration when coming up with a solution.
  5. Come to a Mutual Solution: You may or may not be able to meet your guest’s demands, depending on the suggested solution. If the guest’s proposed solution is feasible and won’t cause harm to your Dream Dinners franchise, proceed accordingly. However, if you’re unable to meet their request for any reason, tell them why and try and meet the guest halfway—collaboration is vital to a successful outcome. Demonstrate your willingness to work with the guest to fix their problem, this helps to keep them coming back.

Dream Dinners franchisees should always strive to give their guests top-of-the-line service, but when a mistake is made a franchisees should remember to pay close attention to the proceeding five steps when trying to resolve a guest’s issue or complaint. By doing so you can make sure that all guests leaving your Dream Dinners franchise location with a smile on his/her face and will hopefully return in the future.