Employee Turned Successful Dream Dinners Franchisee: Melissa Edberg’s Story

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Former Employee Turned Successful Dream Dinners Franchisee: Melissa Edberg’s Story

A combination of friendship and great timing helped Melissa Edberg find her way to a successful career as a Dream Dinners franchisee. Facing a career change, Melissa was in search of a career path that would allow her to combine her 25 years of business management experience with a purpose. She struggled to find a way to combine her passion for food with her vast business knowledge and desire to give back to others.

Melissa Joins the Dream Dinners Team

For years, Melissa had desired to work in the food industry. With aspirations of becoming a chef, caterer or even the proud owner of a bed and breakfast, Melissa wanted to use her passion for cooking to help nurture people. In 2014, Melissa was informed by a friend, a Dream Dinners employee, that there was a job opening at the store.

Eager and interested in the opportunity, Melissa began her career with Dream Dinners franchise. Working as a part-time Operations Lead enabled Melissa to earn her business management degree on the side. Melissa had envisioned pursuing a career in the non-profit sector once she graduated; however, while working at Dream Dinners she discovered a promising alternative career path.

“I realized that Dream Dinners allowed me to combine my passion and experience in a way that changes the quality of family life for people in our community for the better,” she said.

A Tough Decision Made Easy

Just three months into her time at Dream Dinners, Melissa was quickly promoted to become the new Store Manager and she began thinking how wonderful it would be to own her very own Dream Dinners franchise location.

“I loved the business itself – loved how it was able to improve the lifestyle of families in the area. I could actually see and hear about the difference that the business was making in people’s lives,” she said. “I saw the business potential in the area based on the demographics and lack of competition in market and knew it was a great opportunity.”

Taking her career into her own hands, Melissa approached the Dream Dinners home office and expressed interest in purchasing the store that she worked at, which at the time was corporate-owned. The franchisors at Dream Dinners saw that Melissa exemplified everything that a Dream Dinners franchisee should be, so they decided to sell the store to Melissa and she became a Dream Dinners franchisee.

Sweet Success

Melissa and her husband, Kyle, officially re-opened the Kennewick, Wash., Dream Dinners franchise location in May 2015. In its first month of being open, their franchise broke sales records. Two months into their take over, Melissa and Kyle’s main focus is growing their business and maintaining its excellent sales.

“We are just getting started, and with only two months of ownership we are focusing on awareness,” she said. “We have started by supporting local causes in fundraising efforts. We have joined the Regional Chamber of Commerce and some other networking organizations. We are actively looking for a local organization to pair with to promote hunger awareness. Being known in our community as a solution for families is our main goal.”

Melissa and Kyle have enjoyed building a team of passionate employees and enthusiastic, loyal customers.

“The hugs and smiles that we get from our guests when they come in enthusiastic and excited, ready to prepare food for their family for the month,” she said. “I never imagined I would have a professional career where hugs would be part of my daily routine! It is challenging and rewarding at the end of the day to see the growth of my team and our store’s presence in the community.”

Thankful for the Support from the Dream Dinners Franchise System

Melissa is grateful for the mentorship family of Dream Dinners franchisees and franchisors at Dream Dinners have provided her with. Melissa is thankful for the tools and resources that Dream Dinners has provided her in getting the franchise up and running.

“Dream Dinners is an amazing company to work with!  They gave me the tools I need to succeed, an amazing mentor who has been an amazing encourager and teacher. All I have to do is use the tools, work the marketing plan and pray that God continues to bless our store and in turn allowing us to bless others.”

Join the Dream Dinners Franchise Family!

If you’re looking for a career with a cause, then becoming a Dream Dinners franchisee may be a great career choice for you. To learn more about how you can invest in a Dream Dinners franchise for sale or bring a new Dream Dinners to your community, visit the Dream Dinners franchise information page today.