Dream Dinners Franchisees Give Survival Tips for Crazy Busy Times

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Dream Dinners Franchisees Give Survival Tips for Crazy Busy Times

As a busy franchise owner, it can be hard to make time for both your work and family. As a mompreneur, it is normal to try and squeeze everything into your daily schedule but that can result into less time that can be spent with your family. It is important to know the difference between what tasks are highly important and what tasks can be put off for a later date so you can put your best effort on the top priority items.

The Dream Dinners franchise strives to help families spend more time together over healthy, homemade meals. Because of this, the Dream Dinners franchisees suggest trying these four tips to help prioritize your work more effectively to ensure you have more time to spend with your family.

  1. Learn to Say No

It can be difficult to turn down all of the work that comes your way. Before taking on more tasks, take the time to examine what you already have on your plate and make sure you actually have time to tackle it with full attention.

Don’t add extra work into your schedule that would cut into time you normally set aside for resting or family time. You want to make sure that you are putting in your best work with everything that you do so don’t try to add it into your schedule to try and get it out of the way.

According to the Pareto Principle, 20 percent of the effort exerted produces 80 percent of the results; however, 20 percent of the results consume 80 percent of the effort. So instead of working harder, try focusing on the efforts that produce 80 percent of the results and omit the rest. Saying no can be hard, so try to decline the work that will bring low or almost no result. Kindly explain that you are completely booked at the moment and would be happy to incorporate them into your schedule when you have more availability.

  1. Plan Ahead

There are always those days when it feels like there is more work than time. If this seems true for you, at the beginning of each day make a to-do list by prioritizing things by importance. Organize the to-do list by grouping similar tasks together according to type and remove anything that can be worked on at a later date. By knowing what exactly needs to be accomplished for that day you will be able to put in your best work and get tasks done within a timely manner.

  1. Do One Thing at a Time

As a Dream Dinners franchisee, you’ve probably mastered “multitasking.” It’s an easy mode to get stuck in but should really be avoided according to experts. Studies have shown that multitasking slows down progress because the act of switching between two tasks takes a longer time mentally. Don’t waste time by switching back and forth from task to task. Instead, create a list of priority items and cross them off, item by item. You will be able to complete each task faster and more efficiently by putting your entire attention on them.

  1. Moderation in All Things

Even after turning down the extra work and mapping out your work process throughout the day, you may still feel like there is not enough time to finish everything on your list. You begin to stay up late, skip meals and breaks and won’t stop working until the job is complete. DON’T DO THIS!

Sit down with your family and let them know that you may be a little less available at times but you have scheduled time to spend with them. Take small breaks throughout the day and make sure to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try to go to bed at a reasonable hour to avoid those rough mornings which can lead to poor decision making.

By incorporating these four tips into your daily routine you will be able to properly prioritize your work schedule to allow more time to spend with your families at home.

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