Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews How to Make the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

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Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews How Your Kids Can Make the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Finding a gift for the main man in your kid’s life can be a struggle. Do you constantly look for clues to find what would make him smile on Father’s Day but can’t seem to nail down what the perfect gift would be? Dream Dinners franchise is here to help!

Nothing will make your husband smile wider than knowing his kids have worked hard to help make him happy. Today, Dream Dinners franchise reviews how you can bring your kids in the kitchen this Father’s Day to make the ultimate gift: an elegant home-cooked meal.

Bringing Your Kids into the Kitchen for the Ultimate Father’s Day
Whether your plan is to surprise dad with breakfast in bed or a dinner time barbecue, you’ll need to plan ahead to make sure you execute without him knowing. Follow these four steps to ensure the gift will be a success:

  1. Have your kids plan the menu: A few days before the big day, sit down with your kids to brainstorm ideas for the meal. Do you want to serve breakfast, lunch or dinner? Once you nail the timing down, have your kids brainstorm some of dad’s favorite foods. Try and choose a Dream Dinners dish that incorporates all of his favorite flavors and ingredients.
  2. Preparing and cooking the meal: No matter the age of your children are, they can have some part in helping to prepare and cook the meal. If your child is too young to handle a knife, then let them help you with mixing, seasoning or stirring. If you have an older child, allow them be in charge of chopping vegetables. Having your children participate in meal preparation can have a positive impact on their eating habits. Even something as simple as opening and closing the oven can make a difference. Kids who help in the kitchen tend to eat more fruits, vegetables and fiber and are more willing to try new foods. This is also a great opportunity to make cooking fun and exciting while also educating your children on important nutritional facts.
  3. Serving the meal: Let your children be creative and have fun with presentation. Give them free reign to plate and present the food to their father. To make the experience even more special, purchase a serving tray and turn your home into a makeshift restaurant.
  4. Enjoy the meal together: Now that all of your hard work is done, it’s time to enjoy the meal as a family. Studies show that children who eat meals with their family regularly experience benefits like better nutrition, improved language and listening skills, decreased risk of harmful behavior and better school performance. Take this time to have your kids share what they love about their dad to bring an even bigger smile to his face.

Don’t forget to videotape each step of the process so dad can see how much work your kids put into planning his meal. By bringing your kids into the kitchen and following these five steps, this Father’s Day will definitely be one for the books.