Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews How to Make a Good First Impression

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Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews How to Make a Good First Impression with Customers

“You’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

We’re trained from a young age that first impressions are important, but just how long do we have to make that impression? 1 hour? 30 minutes? 30 seconds? According to studies on making a make a strong first impression, you have just seven seconds

When you own a Dream Dinners franchise and are looking to grow your customer base, starting off on the wrong foot with your potential customers can mean bad things for the future of your business. Lead generation is crucial to the success of each Dream Dinners franchise. On average, it costs an average of seven times more to acquire a new customer than to retain a loyal customer, so it’s vital for Dream Dinners franchisees to focus on guest retention.

Your employees are your best resource for both customer acquisition and retention. Investing in the right individuals is crucial to the success and growth of your Dream Dinners franchise. Training your staff to generate a welcoming first impression helps to increase return visits.

Today Dream Dinners franchise reviews three tips to help you and your employees form the right kind of first impression.

What Makes a Good First Impression?

  1. Smile: Studies show about 55 percent of all communication is nonverbal, and a smile goes a long way in customer service. For a Dream Dinners franchisee, relaying the joy of your position as well as the excitement you experience when giving back to your community plays a major role in the growth of your business. Smiling is one of the best ways to communicate this to each customer.
  2. Speak clearly: Speaking knowledgeably and confidently helps to convey to your customer that what you’re saying is relevant and reliable information. Do your best to avoid common pitfalls like mumbling, speaking too quietly or too quickly. These pitfalls can confuse your customer or make them feel as though they are not a priority, resulting in a negative first impression. We also recommend paying attention to the volume and pitch of your voice, as studies show that people will take you more seriously if you use a deeper voice.
  3. Know your product: First time guests will have questions regarding your product or service. Having the ability to accurately answer these questions is key for a Dream Dinners franchisee and your employees. Study the menu, know it’s ingredients, pricing and other varying factors and being able to answer any questions as they arise. Being knowledgeable about your product and brand will show customers that it is important to you and that they should care as well.

People who capitalize on the first seven seconds of meeting a new person have the greatest chance of creating a good first impression. When owning a franchise, it’s important for all owners to make sure that they working toward creating a first impression with their customers, but that their employees are as well. Dream Dinners franchisees are encouraged to present this list to their employees to ensure that they are helping to form a loyal and recurring customer base by giving each customer a great first impression.

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