Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews 7 Tips for Creating Valuable Customer Surveys

August 26, 2015 Comments (None)

Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews 7 Tips for Creating Valuable Customer Surveys

When your customers think of your Dream Dinners franchise, what comes to mind? Maybe they remember a positive interaction like a time an employee went above and beyond to accommodate them. Or maybe they remember a not so pleasing experience like when your store’s assembly stations seemed messy or dirty.

One of the most valuable pieces of information Dream Dinners franchisees can have is insight into their customers’ minds, and one of the best ways to gather this information is by distributing customer surveys. Getting into the heads of your customers not only can tell you why they continue coming back for more, but it can also tell you what your franchise’s weaknesses are so you can quickly correct them. Today, Dream Dinners franchise reviews seven tips for Dream Dinners franchisees to help them create strong and telling customer surveys.

7 Tips for Creating Customer Surveys

  1. Have a goal in mindDream Dinners franchisees shouldn’t just make a survey for the sake of having one; they should have an end goal in mind. Are you looking to learn more about star employees? Do you want to see what menu items they like the best? Make sure that your survey has a purpose, and structure questions accordingly around this end goal.
  2. Keep it short – The longer your survey is, the less likely customers will be to fill it So make sure to keep it short, focused and to the point, so try cutting it down to 10 questions or less. The ideal survey would take your customers less than five minutes to complete; if it’s longer than that, customer will get impatient and abandon it.
  3. Make sure questions are clear – Many people accidentally fall into the trap of asking more than one question at once. For example, asking “Yes/No: Do you think this location’s employees are friendly and accommodating?” asks more than one thing. A respondent may feel that employees are friendly but not accommodating, which may lead them to become confused with how they should answer. To get the most accurate results, make sure you only ask one question at a time.
  4. Avoid loaded questionsDream Dinners franchisees should make sure that when asking questions, they are as unbiased as possible. To get the most accurate results, any language that may (consciously or subconsciously) persuade a respondent to lean toward one answer over another should be eliminated.
  5. Vary question types — Don’t just stick to close-ended questions. Asking customers yes/no, multiple choice questions and scale/rating questions will be easier for them to complete, but asking open-ended questions may be more telling. Writing a few fill in the blank questions at the end will allow customers to elaborate on their overall experience, providing impactful, anecdotal reviews.
  6. Offer an incentive – What’s in it for your customers to respond to your survey? Some may have it in the goodness of their hearts to want to help you improve your Dream Dinners franchise, but others may need to be swayed with more. Studies show that customers are 5 to 20 percent more likely to respond to a survey if some sort of incentive is offered. So, offer up an incentive like a chance to win a free week’s worth of meals or a $50 gift card to a store of their choice for the best results.
  7. Don’t forget to publicize – Just because you created a survey doesn’t mean that your customers know about it. Remember to publicize your survey, why you’re sending it and advertising the incentive for filling it out. Use your social media accounts to spread the word (and the link!) to your survey and have your employees tell each customer about it as they leave your franchise location. The more responses, the better!

Dream Dinners franchisees can use websites like SurveyMonkey and Google Forms to create their surveys in a matter of minutes (and for free). So the next time you’re looking to gain insightful customer feedback, craft up a survey using these seven tips from ensure you get the best results.

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