Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews 3 Customer Loyalty and Retention Tips

May 19, 2015 Comments (None)

Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews 3 Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention

When trying to increase store sales, business owners often focus exclusively on bringing in new guests. However, in doing so, many Dream Dinners franchisees lose money and potential resources. Attracting first-time guests can cost your franchise up to five times the amount it takes to retain a current guest.

The Power of Loyal Guests
Dream Dinners franchisees should focus on the power of guest loyalty— on average, loyal guests spend and visit more than first-timers.  Your current customers are also your best source of free advertising for your franchise. When looking at your business, loyal guests, on average, make up about 20 percent of a business’ database. This is a very powerful 20 percent who drive about 80 percent of your business’ revenue and 72 percent of store visits. Studies show by increasing your franchise’s guest retention rate by five percent could increase your franchise’s profitability by up to 75 percent.

The power is in the numbers—Dream Dinners franchisees who are looking to boost a franchise’s bottom line should shift the focus from guest acquisition to guest retention. Today, Dream Dinners franchise reviews three tips for Dream Dinners franchisees to increase your franchise location’s guest loyalty.

  1. Connect with your guests— Getting to know your guests can go a long way towards increased loyalty and long term retention. Guest loyalty is successful when implemented top-down in your stores, all employees of your Dream Dinners franchise should be encouraged to get to know their guests on a personal level— learn names, spouse/children’s names and life events (births, deaths, graduations etc.) Your Dream Dinners franchise should be an inviting, fun and safe place for guests to gather and talk about their lives while they assemble their meals. Forming a personal connection will have your guests excited to return back to your Dream Dinners franchise.
  2. Ask and be receptive of feedback— As a Dream Dinners franchisee the only true way to ensure guest satisfaction at your location is to learn what you and your employees have done well and where there is room for growth and improvement. Collecting guest feedback, especially from unhappy or unsatisfied guests better allows you as the franchisee to understand and correct any errors, mishaps and identify where more training may be appropriate. Creating an open forum for your guests to review, respond and in some cases complain, when handled appropriately will assist in the growth of your business.
  3. Advertise your guest loyalty program—The Dream Dinners’ PLATEPOINTS loyalty program is specifically designed to provide incentive for guests for their repeated purchases and accomplishment of eating family meals. Utilizing these pre-designed programs and encouraging in-store PLATEPOINTS signups better allows you to track your repeat guests. Social media plays a huge role in your guest retention taking and posting pictures guests who achieve PLATEPOINTS levels makes them feel appreciated and helps inspire other guests to keep coming back and spending money to rack up their own rewards.

Having high guest loyalty should always be a priority for a Dream Dinners franchisee, especially when trying to increase store sales. Retaining guests is a more cost-effective strategy than trying to bring in new guests. Forming a connection with guests, asking for feedback and publicizing your guest loyalty program can go a long way in terms of turning an on-again off-again visitor into a lifelong guest.