Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews 3 Tips for Dealing with Customer Complaints

November 13, 2014 Comments (None)

Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews 3 Tips for Dealing with Customer Complaints

No matter what kind of business you are running, at some point you will inevitably have to deal with an angry customer. In a situation like this, employing “the customer is always right” mentality is sometimes hard to swallow, in part because the customer isn’t always right. No matter if this statement is true or not, the customer is always the customer, meaning that the continual success of your business is based on their satisfaction.

One of the most common reasons that a customer will leave a business for a competitor is because of his or her perception of how customers at your business are treated, Inc.com reports. Even when dealing with difficult or unhappy customers, business owners need to embrace a customer-first attitude because your customer may be more likely to leave you for a competitor.

Do you treat your customer with respect, or do you simply see your customers as a means to increase profit and ward off complaints? The answer to this question may give you some insight on if your franchise is treating its customer-base with the reverence it warrants, or if you need to revamp your customer-service skills. Here, Dream Dinners franchise reviews three tips for how to deal with unhappy or difficult customers because let’s face it, it isn’t always easy.

  1. Remain calm – As humans, we tend to mirror what we see. So if your angry customer sees your calm exterior when trying to resolve his or her problem, then this can help cause him to calm down. Business owners need to be mindful of this mirroring psychological phenomenon, because if not, a riled up customer can cause a business owner to turn frustrated and respond to his or her customer with anger. There is nothing to be gained by an employee or owner responding to a situation with an angry customer with hostility, in fact, this can lead to the escalation of the problem. To avoid responding with antagonism, employees must remember to stay calm when dealing with difficult customers to help diffuse the situation, and in the end solve the problem at hand.
  2. Listen and repeat – It’s easy for employees to tune out during a customer complaint, but actually effectively listening to a complaint can have profound effects on customer retention. Many angry customers complain just to vent, with the end goal of feeling as if their input has been acknowledged. Just listening to your customer can help to diffuse the situation from the start when the employee effectively summarizes what the customer complaint was when they are finished. You may think that you already know what went wrong, but trying to understand the issue at hand from the customer’s perspective and alleviate the problem can help to really get to the bottom of the issue and solve it. This summarization of the problem can help your customer understand that you heard and comprehended what they said, leading them to believe that you will come to an effective resolution.
  3. Find a feasible solution – From a customer’s standpoint, nothing makes them walk quicker out the door than not having their issue solved in a timely or efficient matter after a complaint. Once your unhappy customer is done filing their complaint with you, simply ask them “how can I fix this for you?” and do it for them. As long as their request is reasonable and won’t hit your business hard, the solution is well worth the effort. As an employee or franchise owner, owning up to a mistake can be hard, but having the ability to swallow your pride to please your customer can be a key to retaining them and not losing their future business.

When looking at the franchise food industry, customer complaints occasionally cropping up may be inevitable. However, how these issues are dealt with is the key to a respectable customer retention strategy. The next time an angry or unhappy customer asks to speak with the location’s Dream Dinners franchisee, remember these three tips to ensure a positive customer experience.

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