Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews National Burger Month Recipe Ideas

May 11, 2015 Comments (None)

Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews 2 Unconventional Ways to Celebrate National Burger Month

Why do we think that May is the best month of the year? That’s right, because it’s National Burger Month! Is there anything better than biting into a juicy and delicious hamburger? We don’t think so!

To get in the spirit of National Burger Month, Dream Dinners franchise currently has two yummy burgers on our menu. But who said that burgers have to be topped with the standard cheese, pickles, tomato and lettuce? With a little creativity, you can turn many standard meals with a variety of toppings into a burger alternative for everyone to enjoy. Today, Dream Dinners franchise reviews two fun and healthy ways to turn a standard dinnertime favorite into a delicious burger.

Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews National Burger Month Ideas

  1. The Leftover Burger: Utilizing your leftovers can be a delicious and innovative way to celebrate National Burger Month. If you have leftover meat like steak, pork or chicken, heat it up and put it on top of a hamburger bun, easily turning it into a “leftover burger.” Feel free to add the standard hamburger ingredients lettuce, pickle, tomato, ketchup and mustard for some added flavor and traditional feel. Specifically from the Dream Dinners franchise menu for May, leftover steak from the Herb Crusted Flank Steak transforms well into a savory burger. Just place the leftover slices of Dream Dinners’ tender steak on top of a toasted rustic roll for a burger with a distinctive flavor your whole family will enjoy. To add some freshness to your plate, round out the meal with a side salad.
  2. The Inspirational Burger: If you’re looking to go the unconventional route and stray away from the traditional burger, then the inspirational burger is the right option for you. Start by creating a theme for your dish with a specific flavor palette or seasonal inspiration in mind. If you want something with summer flare, then consider topping your burger with fresh fruit or a cool slaw. The Soy Glazed Salmon from the Dream Dinners franchise May menu can easily be transformed into an out-of-the-box summer burger. Just serve each piece of salmon on a toasted brioche bun and top it with some fresh coleslaw for a light and refreshing taste. If you’re looking to get into the summer spirit, then add some grilled pineapple for a pop of color on your plate and a sweet and savory combination effect.

Taking a few risks when it comes to cooking your burger can add some excitement and adventure to your family meals and help create wonderful memories for your family. Our Dream Dinners franchisees want to see how you and your family chooses to celebrate National Burger Month. Share your burger creations and remixes with us on our Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #RecipeRemix!

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