Dream Dinners Franchise Examines How to Hire for Retention

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Dream Dinners Franchise Examines How to Hire for Retention

Many franchise owners mistakenly think that the quest for employee retention begins once a franchise employee is hired through employee incentives and perks, but Dream Dinners franchise owners should think again. In fact, retention should actually begin before a new employee steps into the franchise location. Retention should start all the way at the beginning of the recruitment process, and franchisees should start weeding out prospective employees who aren’t in it for the long-haul from the get go.

The importance of employee retention may not always be top-of-mind for Dream Dinners franchisees, but it should be. When a business has a high employee turnover rate, this can yield to a decrease of productivity – ultimately hurting your franchise’s bottom line. A high employee turnover rate may also lead to increased costs spent on recruiting, hiring and training new employees. In fact, a recent study by Rutgers University reported that the turnover cost of a non-professional employee totals one and a half times that person’s annual salary, and a professional position totaling two times that person’s salary.

Is a high employee turnover rate damaging your franchise?  Read on to find out what advice the Dream Dinners franchise system has for business owners wanting to hire for better retention:

  1. Understand your existing talent: Before looking for or hiring new talent for your business, it’s important for franchisees to examine his or her business’ existing talent. Examining the brand’s existing employee base’s strengths and weaknesses will help to identify what to look for in prospective candidates. If there are too many similar personalities and skillsets employed at a place of business, then this can lead to an increase in employee clashes, leading to employee unhappiness. A good team that will be in it for the long haul should consist of people with varying characteristics and skills so that they can balance each other out.
  2. Cultural fit: It can’t be communicated enough how important cultural fit is for employees and their work satisfaction. One of the main reasons that employees choose to leave their place of work is due to a lack of cultural fit. In job descriptions and interviews, give job candidates detailed information about your brand’s mission and what it’s like to work in one of your franchise locations. Doing so can give candidates a better understanding into what they can expect from working at your location and if they see themselves being a good fit with your company culture.
  3. Attitude and aptitude: Many franchisees look at a candidate’s skillset when recruiting and interviewing, often times wrongfully overlooking an individual’s personality. Sure, knowledge and job-related skills are important when hiring for long-term, but these also are abilities that can be taught and learned over time. However, personality is something that isn’t as easily changed. For this reason, it’s imperative for franchisees to take into account both a prospective employees attitude and aptitude for job-related roles when hiring for retention.
  4. Don’t lead candidates on: Being honest with prospective job candidates is one of the most significant things to remember for franchisees. The main reason why employees report leaving their current position of work is because they were misled in the recruitment process and the actual role is much different from what they imagined. Avoid this common pitfall by being completely transparent in all aspects of hiring, such as what an employee can expect a typical day to look like.

Franchise brands would be nothing without their employees, and the long-term growth of a franchise location hinges on the ability to maintain a long-lasting employee base. For this reason, hiring for the long-haul should be part of every franchise brand’s business strategy. Happy, long-term employees can lead to a more productive business, ultimately benefiting your franchise’s profits.

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