Creating Healthier Meals, Nurturing Stronger Family Bonds

December 13, 2017 Comments (None)

Prior to Dream Dinners, Romy Lampert worked for a vitamin supplement company. Customers often came in asking for a “magic bullet solution” to their health problems. Parents, in particular, inquired about vitamin solutions to their children’s health issues.

Lampert found herself routinely delivering a hard dose of common sense: the only way they were going to get their health back on track would be to start eating a healthier diet.

Lampert first heard about the meal assembly industry from a friend who had attended an assembly session at a Dream Dinners copycat assembly store. She was excited about her experience and told Lampert about it. Lampert realized that this concept could be the solution to many of our country’s issues and immediately started researching what she could do to be a part ofit. Then, she found Dream Dinners.

“I remember thinking, ‘this is a life changer,’” said Lampert. “So many parents want to do the right thing, but they don’t have the time. Dream Dinners provides a real solution; an easy way for families to eat healthier. After hearing about this concept, I knew what I wanted to do.”

Lampert has owned her Dream Dinners store in Grenada Hills, Calif. for the past 12 years. She’s seen first-hand how Dream Dinners provides healthier meals and creates stronger bonds between spouses, children and with the Dream Dinners team itself.

To say Lampert is an advocate for the family dinner is an understatement. She’s a firm believer that a nourishing family meal at the dinner table can effectively address many negative societal issues we’re faced with today.

Lampert’s beliefs are backed up by research. Several studies have shown that when families eat dinner together more often, kids are more likely to eat healthy foods, perform better academically and have better relationships with their parents.

She has countless stories about improved health. There is the customer who lost 100 pounds by using Dream Dinners and Weight Watchers and another customer who lost 25 pounds and got his diabetes in check.

Beyond the health benefits, Lampert has seen families bond and grow stronger by eating dinners together. She recalled one customer who, when faced with infidelity and divorce, used Dream Dinners as a catalyst to help her and her son start talking again and confront the situation together.

Finally, she’s watched the business come full circle.

“I have kids who used to come in and help their parents prep meals, and now they work at my store,” she said.

Lampert doesn’t have any children of her own, but through Dream Dinners she is able to help take care of her community. She’s involved in several service clubs and is hosting a Fight Against Hunger meal packaging event next year in March.

“If you have the heart for service and making a difference – and you don’t mind hard work – you can serve families in your community and help children become great adults.”