Cincinnati Franchisee Lisa Robison Represents All of Us

September 27, 2017 Comments (None)

Lisa Robison’s story could have been any of ours. Her struggle was the same as many modern American moms. The busy mother of three girls ages 10, 9 and 5, she had a part-time job and her husband traveled frequently for work.

According to Robison, she felt like a “failure” in the meal department. She spent hours planning and scheduling meals, clipping coupons, shopping, and putting groceries away. But when it came time to make dinner, she often didn’t have the time or energy. To top it off, her girls were picky eaters and she often found herself turning to the old standbys: grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and pizza, or just eating out. She threw a lot of food—and money—away.

That all changed when she and a group of her friends were invited to attend a Dream Dinners neighborhood party.

“I was hooked. So were my other friends who joined me.  One of them said, ‘We should open one of these!’ and that’s when it all started. We were not looking for another job, but we felt strongly that we were called to do this. Our community on the east side of Cincinnati needed this,” said Robison.


A True Game Changer

Shortly after attending the event, Robison served her family calzones for dinner. There was no guilt because she prepared them herself and she was proud to serve them. Her family loved them. Dinner was ready in no time and clean up was a breeze. She and her friends decided they wanted to share this feeling with their community. No one was looking for another job, but they felt compelled to open a store.

“I had two business partners when we decided to pursue opening our own franchise. My partners both had full time jobs and I had young children at home – one who wasn’t in school full time yet. Owning a Dream Dinners Franchise worked for us. My partners were able to keep their full time jobs and I had the flexibility I needed to be home with my kids. None of us had any experience in owning a franchise, but we learned as we went,” she said.

Not only were her partners able to keep their full-time jobs, Robison had the flexibility she needed to be home with her kids. And 11 years later, they are still going strong.

Robison says she’s learned so much through the years, and she’s been able to provide many meaningful jobs.

“Dream Dinners was truly a life saver for me, and I know I’ve helped change countless lives with helping busy families connect around the dinner table,” she said.