Changing Lives

Our Guests

Dinner time at our house has always been family time. Unfortunately, I am the only one that cooks in our house, which means on days I work and the kids have sports, things are really rushed. Sometimes, we have to opt for fast food, or grabbing things and eating as we have time. Dream Dinners allows us to have a great tasting, healthy meal all together. I can have my husband turn on the oven and throw it in so when I get home, everyone can enjoy a home-cooked dinner around the table and still make it to practice on time! You don’t know what a difference this one simple, time saving step means to our family time! Thanks Dream Dinners!

~ Sarah T.

“I have a large family according to today’s standards. I have 4 kids that keep me very busy! One does karate, one leg robotics, one girl scouts, and one par­ticipates in cub scouts. It seems that the demands on my time increase each year as we stay busy with our activities and my volunteering. The one thing that I make sure stays the same is dinner. We are so busy and that one hour during the day, when the whole family can get together, means a lot! We share our funny moments, our frustrations, and our needs. It means a lot to be able to put a healthy, great tasting meal on the table that didn’t take very long to fix. I like to include the whole family in the preparation if I can. It is a teaching moment and a bond of love. I have taken my kids to Dream Dinners and taught them how to measure, how to count, and how to enjoy fixing good food. It is an extension of our dinner time. Thank you Dream Dinners for helping us keep dinner time as a family time!”

–April B.

“I used to spend a lot of time in the grocery store buying food for our meals. I would stop by the store several times a week to buy the ingredients needed for 2 or 3 evening dinners. Now I go straight home from work and have the meal prepared and on the table in less time than it would take to stop and buy the groceries and prepare them. Often we were eating at 7:30 at night. Now we are able to eat about 6:00 every night leaving more time to do fun things.

Also, Dream Dinners has involved my husband with helping to cook the meals. He used to groan every time I would ask him to start the meals because he never knew where different ingredients were kept in the kitchen cupboards. Now, he has just a few simple directions to follow. The best benefit is that by far, we are eating healthier because we have healthier meals.”

–Linda P.


Our Owners

“Owning a Dream Dinners franchise is very rewarding on a personal level. Knowing that you are making it easier for hundreds of families to eat dinner together on a regular basis is an amazing feeling. As a small business, I love owning because the Dream Dinners franchise model gives me the luxury of focusing on my strengths, while making it easy to delegate day-to-day operations to our staff.”

—Jamie Mills,Tustin, CA

“It’s crazy to think that what we do really and truly changes families. I am so proud to be a part of a company that stands behind its mission to help families spend time around the dinner table. Every night I know we are helping Moms and Dads serve something healthy for their family. They no longer need to worry about the daily struggle of what’s for dinner. I feel good knowing that what we do at Dream Dinners makes a tangible and immediate impact on families.”

–Sara GilBride, Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ

“I love what I do because I feel good about helping busy family’s eat good food. I believe in our business! I feel the company truly cares and wants to make a difference in the lives of the families in our commu­nities.”

–Stacey Mobley, Mobile, AL

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