How a Family Trio Opened a Successful Dream Dinners Franchise

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All in the Family: How This Team of Mother and Daughters Opened a Successful Dream Dinners Franchise

Dream Dinners franchisees Marsi Haney, Sue Chambers and Charlotte Chambers are the ultimate triad of franchise partners – a mother, daughter and step-daughter team. After purchasing a Dream Dinners franchise for sale in La Mesa, CA, in 2013, their franchise has been growing. The team attributes much of their success to their love for the business and its purpose of bringing families together. They’ve learned that it takes a strong individual to run a business, but because they love what they do, it makes it easy to perform well.

We sat down with Marsi Haney to learn more about how her, her mother and step-sister became all-star Dream Dinners franchisees and how franchising has brought them closer together. Check out our interview here!


The grand opening of the La Mesa Dream Dinners franchise.

Q: What were you, your mother and step-sister doing before you became Dream Dinners franchisees?

Marsi Haney: I was a wife and mother of two children with a professional background working as an independent contractor doing marketing and promotions for several non-profits throughout San Diego. Charlotte, my step-sister, served in the Marine Corps for 11 years and as a Technical Adviser to the Military for 12 years after. My mother, Sue Chambers, was a retired CFO of the Otay Water District, where she worked for more than 25 years.

Q: What drew you to become interested in owning a franchise?

MH: I introduced my mother to Dream Dinners about eight years ago, and she became a regular customer. We had considered investing in a franchise before, but the timing wasn’t right and the idea of owning a business that had to be maintained and operated during regular business hours was unattractive. When the opportunity to purchase the La Mesa Dream Dinners franchise  became available, we each found ourselves in a place in our lives where we could make it work.

Q: Why Dream Dinners franchise?

MH: We were attracted to the flexibility that the Dream Dinners franchise system offers. We looked at other franchise businesses, but we didn’t want to have to be at the store 24/7. Many other franchises have open hours that aren’t very predictable, and not knowing when or if you would have customers was scary. The Dream Dinners franchise model allows us to schedule the customers around our lives, schedule guests together to decrease overhead, take a vacation and close the store for a week if necessary.


The staff getting ready in the holiday spirit.

Q: Three of you operate the store, so how do you all split the workload?

MH: Together we make the perfect triad of financial, operational, and marketing background. We each have our own strengths: Sue is finance, Charlotte is operations and I am marketing and promotions. I operate the store during regular business hours, and Charlotte operates the store during the evening. We meet daily as I leave for the day and she comes in. Sue manages the financials from her home office but secretly enjoys coming in at least once a week to help out.

Q:  What is your favorite part about being a Dream Dinners owner?

MH: My favorite part about being a Dream Dinners franchisee is changing people’s lives. By providing a service like ours, we allow our guests to focus on things that are important to them. Whether a customer is a wife, a mother or a CEO, her time is precious. If I can help her to alleviate the stress of planning, shopping and preparing a meal so that she can focus on what is most important, then I am proud to be a part that.

Q: How has Dream Dinners brought your family together?

MH: I feel we have grown to respect each other differently. In a family you play a role – little sister, strict mom, etc. In your professional life you can be someone different. When you blend the two together, you start to see different sides of each other that you may not have otherwise. I’ve grown closer to my mother and sister in having some common ground that we are all working toward and celebrating our success together.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of being a Dream Dinners owner?

MH: I have enjoyed being a part of a revolution of sorts. Changing people’s lives is a difficult challenge. I have loved meeting people and teaching them that they don’t have to be everything to everyone, and that they just need to be themselves and focus on what is most important to them and let Dream Dinners do the rest for dinnertime.

Q: What does the future hold for you as Dream Dinners franchisees?

MH: Our goal has always been to be a multi-store owner. We would like to open a new store and would be interested in purchasing a store from the surrounding areas if we saw fit.

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