A Family Franchising Affair

May 12, 2017 Comments (None)

Dream Dinners Owners in California Show the Meaning of Quality Family Time

Just in time for Mother’s Day, meet an inspiring mother/daughter/stepsister team of franchisees who are making a difference in their local community and re-writing the rules of what a traditional franchisee looks like.

Marsi Haney, Sue Chambers, and Charlotte Chambers purchased their Dream Dinners franchise in 2013 after being loyal customers of the meal assembly service for years. Marsi, Sue, and Charlotte had observed the tremendous impact that Dream Dinners had made in their own lives and found themselves called to fulfill the company’s mission of bringing families back around the dinner table.

“We loved the idea that Dream Dinners doesn’t just sell food but changes lives,” said Marsi. “We had been customers for a long time and Dream Dinners had been a part of a transformation in our lives. When we looked for a business model that fit our values, we knew Dream Dinners would be a good fit.”

Prior to purchasing their franchise together, Marsi, a mother of two, was working as an independent marketing contractor; her mother, Sue, was a retired CFO; and her stepsister, Charlotte, served in the Marine Corps for 11 years. They were all living separate lives and would only see each other on the occasional weekend visit.

That all changed when these three inspiring women purchased their Dream Dinners franchise. Now their franchise is growing, and they have found a system that allows them to leverage their individual strengths—Sue handles finance, Charlotte works in operations, and Marsi manages marketing and promotions.

Operating a Dream Dinners franchise has given them the opportunity to share in something they all believe is making an impact on the community. This opportunity allows the three women to celebrate their wins and victories together as a team—and more importantly, a family.

“The customers make me happy,” says Marsi. “They love the concept, the service and the experience. They also love serving their families and the way that makes them feel a sense of accomplishment. I love being a part of their lives in that way.”

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