Why These 6 Dream Dinners Franchisees Wanted to Become Part of the Family

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6 Dream Dinners Franchisees Share Why They Wanted to Become Part of the Dream Dinners Family 

The Dream Dinners franchise opportunity is a unique one. Dream Dinners’ mission to grow great kids by helping parents provide regular, homemade meals is truly what sets it apart from other opportunities out there. Not only do Dream Dinners franchisees have the opportunity to build wealth and career success for themselves, but they’re also able to have a positive impact on their communities by strengthening its families. We asked some of our most successful franchisees why they initially were interested in joining the Dream Dinners movement, and below Dream Dinners franchise reviews their answers.

Q: Why did you want to become a Dream Dinners franchisee?

“I loved knowing that Dream Dinners was a ground floor opportunity to revolutionize the food industry and bring families back around the dinner table. Not a lot of businesses out there tie themselves to an emotion, something that makes you and the customer feel good at the end of the day. There is a lot of potential growth within the company. I really appreciated that Dream Dinners franchisors were looking for franchisees that were relatable to their cliental and involved in their communities.”  – Rhiannon Cochrane, Dream Dinners franchisee in Parker, Colorado

“What interested us in owning a Dream Dinners franchise was the fact that we were tired of working for corporate America. With a new child at home, and myself being laid off from my corporate job when I was five months pregnant, owning our own business sounded like a great opportunity to do something that would let us spend time together as a family (making our own hours) and benefiting our bottom line. I felt confident that Dream Dinners was a franchise that I wanted to be a part of because I knew firsthand the type of people that needed Dream Dinners in their lives. I felt my loyalty and conviction in Dream Dinners would be my voice.”  – Mike and Becky Sims, Dream Dinners franchisees in Vancouver, Washington

“I loved the business itself – loved how it was able to improve the lifestyle of families in the area. I could actually see and hear about the difference that the business was making in people’s lives. I saw the business potential in the area based on the demographics and lack of competition in market and knew it was a great opportunity. I realized that Dream Dinners allowed me to combine my passion and experience in a way that changes the quality of family life for people in our community for the better.” – Melissa Edberg, Dream Dinners franchisee in Kennewick, Washington    

“The Guests! The corporate office had owned my store and had made the very difficult decision to close it down. I stayed to help them close the doors and the outpouring of love and support and tears from the guests during this time just sent me into a whirlwind idea of the possibility to own it. I knew the potential, I knew the community, I love the people of San Luis Obispo County and I knew I had a service that could provide them with healthy, restaurant quality, affordable, stress-free meals. The home office made it the most incredible transition and was just over the top in helping me!” – Lauren Persall, Dream Dinners franchisee in San Luis Obispo, California

“The concept. I have always been a firm believer in the importance of the family meal. As my kids were getting older, it was harder and harder to pull that off. I loved the fact that I could help families in our community. To me it was like giving them a gift. Dream Dinners is a very unique franchise because it is like one big family. All of the Dream Dinners franchisees want to help each other be successful. Not only are we friends with the other franchise owners all over the country, I know we could call them at any time and receive advice or help. I love that about Dream Dinners.” – Jamie Mills, Dream Dinners franchisee in Tustin, California

“We were attracted to the flexibility that the Dream Dinners franchise system offers. We looked at other franchise businesses, but we didn’t want to have to be at the store 24/7. Many other franchises have open hours that aren’t very predictable, and not knowing when or if you would have customers was scary. The Dream Dinners franchise model allows us to schedule the customers around our lives, schedule guests together to decrease overhead, take a vacation and close the store for a week if necessary.” – Marsi Haney, Dream Dinners franchisee in La Mesa, California

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