4 Reasons Why Moms Make Outstanding Dream Dinners Franchisees

May 21, 2015 Comments (None)

4 Reasons Why Moms Make Outstanding Dream Dinners Franchisees

The days of having children and needing to stay at home all day to care for them are long gone. While many women make the choice to leave the workforce to fulfill the role of Stay-at-Home Mom, more and more mothers are making the decision to become working parents. The Pew Research Center found that a large majority, 71 percent of mothers are choosing to reenter the workforce soon after giving birth.

A new trend is emerging among these working moms, rather than entering corporate America, more of these busy mothers are instead choosing business ownership. These new, family-focused entrepreneurs are taking the nation by storm. The question now becomes why? Why are mothers making such a strong surge into the business sector? The answer is simple— motherhood creates an entirely new set of skills to women, a skillset that just so happened to be uniquely suited for entrepreneurship and franchise ownership.

Today, Dream Dinners franchise reviews four reasons why moms can make great Dream Dinners franchisees and why we have seen moms excel in Dream Dinners franchise ownership.

  1. Moms are Often Skilled Multitaskers

With motherhood comes a long list of to-dos: feed your child, change their diaper, clean the mess, wash their clothes and the list goes on. When you pair this with personal needs the list becomes infinite. Motherhood creates an inherent need to multitask and there is never a dull moment.  In fact, a recent study found that in comparison to their male counterparts women actually are better at multitasking. As with motherhood, when you own a business the ability to multitask is just as important. Dream Dinners franchisees, are in charge of every aspect of the store’s operations from finance and marketing to management of employees and overall guest services. The multitasking skills gained as one progresses through motherhood can often place these women at a great advantage as a franchise owner.

  1. Moms Have Keen Emotional Intelligence

When compared to their male counterparts, women tend to have a more acute sense of emotional intelligence. This innate ability to sense a person’s feelings may increase with motherhood, making mothers uniquely qualified to become a business owner. A heightened sense of emotional intelligence has become an incredible asset for our Dream Dinners franchisees, aiding in more effective communication styles at every level of business, from employee management to guest service.  When it comes to owning a Dream Dinners franchise, those who have keen emotional intelligence, in many instances, are able to quickly rationalize and respond appropriately and with a professional demeanor.

  1. Moms Set Rules, Enforce and Follow Them

When it comes to raising children, rules are create and enforced to protect the child and to help teach valuable life lessons. Should a mother not follow the rules she sets, things can and often do get out of hand, transforming teachable moments into moments of chaos. Having the skilled ability to set, enforce and follow rules can be helpful for a mother who decides to become Dream Dinners franchisee. The ideal Dream Dinners franchisee candidates are individuals who understand the need to create, follow and most importantly enforce rules, regulations and guidelines.

  1. They Can Connect to the Dream Dinners Mission

The Dream Dinners franchise mission is to grow great kids by helping to bring families together over a homemade meal. Mothers strongly relate to the frustrations feeding a family can create and also understand the importance family meals have on overall health and well-being of their children. This empathy and need for a dinner time solution makes mothers ideal Dream Dinners franchisee candidates.

Want to Become a “Mompreneur?” Become a Dream Dinners Franchisee!
Do you want to own your own business? You have the power to step outside of the corporate cog and embrace the new era of entrepreneurs, businesses run by moms. By investing in a Dream Dinners franchise , currently for sale, and bringing a new location to your community you become an extension of our two part mission: to put the family first and to bring families together around the dinner table.

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