4 Local PR Tips Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Use To Boost Their Business

July 23, 2015 Comments (None)

4 Local PR Tips Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Use To Boost Their Business

Dream Dinners franchisees should listen to the idea “people do business with people,” when trying to build their franchise location. Most Dream Dinners franchisees aren’t natural born PR pros, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t gain some media coverage by adding simple, local PR strategies to your arsenal. Dream Dinners franchisees should try to humanize their business by building a strong image and connecting with community members. Today, Dream Dinners franchise reviews four local PR tips Dream Dinners franchisees should utilize to help bring in new and repeat guests.

PR Tips for Dream Dinners Franchisees

  1. Craft your story

    Each Dream Dinners franchisee has a unique story. You may have left the corporate world to become a franchisee so you could have greater flexibility in your schedule and to be present in your children’s lives. Or maybe you started as a Dream Dinners customer and became a franchisee after seeing how the business could benefit both your community and family. People and the media love a good human interest piece; leading with your personal story will help people connect with you and your Dream Dinners franchise on a personal and emotional level, helping to grow your business.

  2. Embrace social media

    If your Dream Dinners franchise doesn’t have its own social media pages, then now’s the time to create them. Do some research and find out what social media websites your customers are using. Determine if they are spending significant amounts of time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then use those platforms to your advantage. Regularly update your social media pages with fun photos of your store’s happenings, guest testimonials and more. Try your best to create posts that are fun, personal and prompt interaction from your guests through comments, likes and shares.

  3. Foster word-of-mouth recommendations

    One of the best ways to bring in new guests to your franchise is through personal recommendations. There is immense power in word-of-mouth marketing. Strive to provide a wonderful experience for each guests and create a product they want to share with their friends and family. Do not hesitate to ask your loyal guests for a testimonial explaining why they love Dream Dinners and use social media to share their stories.

  4. Give back to your community

    Naturally, most Dream Dinners franchisees are enthusiastic about giving back to their communities. After all, helping to shape the nation’s youth is at the core of the Dream Dinners mission. To help boost your franchise image and hopefully increase your customer count in the process, consider hosting a philanthropic event. Find a cause that is near and dear to you, and partner with that organization to host an event together. For example, dedicate an entire day to that specific organization. Reach out to local news affiliates or your local papers to let them know the event is happening and encouraging them to attend. See how Dream Dinners of Redlands pulled their community together by hosting a meal-packing event.

Following any or all of these PR tips can do wonders to improve the visibility of your Dream Dinners franchise and hopefully will help bring new customers in through your doors.  If you found this post helpful, then read our previous article discussing how you can use your personal network to grow your Dream Dinners franchise.