3 Ways Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Empower Their Employees

July 16, 2015 Comments (None)

3 Ways Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Empower Their Employees

As a Dream Dinners franchisee, you play much more than the role of owner and boss to your employees. You also serve as a mentor and coach to your staff and set the cultural tone for your Dream Dinners franchise. While you will teach your employees the basics about your business, you will also help them think for themselves and make on-the-spot decisions that are in the best interest of both your franchise and each customer.

Empowering employees at your Dream Dinners franchise will not only help you retain a high quality staff, but it will also help you achieve customer satisfaction and retention. Remember, your staff will have to make judgment calls without you by their side, so you will need to train your employees to understand the customer strategy and enable them to succeed in conflict resolution.

Today, Dream Dinners franchise reviews three ways Dream Dinners franchisees can empower their employees so they can make better decisions for your franchise on the spot.

  1. Instill Confidence

When employees feel empowered, they can more confidently make fast, on-the-spot decisions that will satisfy customers and benefit your business. We recommend rewarding good behaviors, decisions and choices—provide incentives. By including positive reinforcement in your management style, you help make your employees feel valued and confident, which will help your franchise retain quality employees and better serve your customers.

  1. Involve Them in Training Others

A quick way to make an employee feel more invested in your business is to have them train another employee. By allowing them to participate in the new hire process, they will feel you trust them, recognize their hard work and value the knowledge they can share with co-workers. This process will help to develop your employee professionally and provide him/her with an immediate boost in self-esteem.

  1. Celebrate Empowerment and Reward Improvement

Everyone wants to feel as if their efforts at work are being valued and appreciated. Recognize each employee’s success to reinforce the behavior among both that staff member and the team. Giving your employees a simple pat on the back allows them to feel motivated and will encourage them to continue seeking out behaviors that warrant praise. This can positively affect company morale and help to reduce employee turnover.

A part of your job as a leader is to help develop your employees and acknowledge their efforts. Noticing improvement communicates you value your employee, which will help them feel more self-assured.

Empowering your employees can help you grow your Dream Dinners franchise by better serving your franchise customers. A positive workplace goes a long way to motivate your employees and create a constructive and positive work environment, something that is often recognized and well received by customers helping to increase repeat guests.