3 Reasons Why Mission Is Important for Dream Dinners Franchisees

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3 Reasons Why Mission Is Important for Dream Dinners Franchisees

When you’re looking to invest in a franchise brand, what are your priorities? Everyone will likely have different motivations for setting out to become a business owner within a franchise system, but the brand’s mission is likely the differentiating factor that will attract a certain group of people.

For example, the Dream Dinners franchise mission has always been fundamentally grounded in the idea of bringing families together around the dinner table. In fact, Dream Dinners co-founders, Stephanie Allen and Tina Kuna put it this way:

“We want to inspire families to create a legacy for their children… a loving and nurturing home complete with regular family meals. Our hope is that they will grow up becoming confident, successful and committed parents who repeat the process of investing in the next generation.”

In a sense, your brand’s mission statement is a promise to both the franchisees that make up the complete business and the customers who ensure the ongoing success of the organization.

Why Dream Dinners Franchisees Place a High Priority on Mission

1. Making a difference

One of the unique aspects of owning a Dream Dinners franchise is being able to see the fruits of your labor of love as your location becomes a central part of the community you serve. Lauren Persall, a Dream Dinners franchisee in San Luis Obispo, CA, explained it this way:

“One of the most rewarding parts is leading an incredible team allowing us to bring our amazing guests nutritious food, but I truly enjoy every aspect of being a franchisee. We allow busy people of all dynamics to walk through our doors and take home fresh, delicious and healthy meals… I love that I can bring that exact aspect to hundreds within our community.”

Because our customers are busy moms and dads trying to provide a delicious meal that will bring the family around the dinner table, the results of our services are quickly apparent.

2. Providing exceptional service

With a powerful mission, your brand has a clear standard of service that it should provide to its customers. Dream Dinners franchisee Rhiannon Cochran’s personal and professional mantra revolves around the idea that it’s more important to give than to receive. The mission helps you deliver the highest-quality service to your customers because you know exactly what they want and expect.

3. Guiding the business

Although the mission isn’t a replacement for a business plan, it’s certainly a major force that pushes your franchise brand in the right direction. In addition to giving franchisees a clear indicator of what they should be aiming for in building their location in a community cornerstone, the mission gives media outlets and other third-parties something to gravitate to when providing coverage.

Take Up the Dream Dinners Franchise Mission

By joining the extended family of Dream Dinners franchisees, you are invested in a brand that fully understands its mission, the importance of it within communities across the U.S. and how to deliver on the message. Stop by the Dream Dinners franchise information page to learn how to take up the mission.