Why Millennials Make Excellent Dream Dinners Franchisees

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Why Millennials Make Excellent Dream Dinners Franchisees

Millennials now account for more than one in three American workers, officially surpassing Generation X as the most abundant generation in the workforce. Despite the fact that there are 53.5 working Millennials, they tend to get a bad rap – they’re often falsely characterized as being entitled, lazy and self-centered. However in reality, they’re digitally savvy, resourceful and motivated.

While the oldest batch of this generation is entering their early 30s, the latter end is just entering the workforce and deciding on what career path to pursue. Millennials possess many qualities that make them good corporate employees, yet only 15 percent of these individuals have a desire to work for a big corporation. Instead, Millennials are beginning to look elsewhere for alternative career options, and franchising is starting to become a viable choice.

In fact, Millennials possess a specific set of characteristics that make them a good fit as Dream Dinners franchisees. Today, Dream Dinners franchise reviews three reasons why Millennials make great Dream Dinners franchisees.

1.  Desire to Do Good

Despite being commonly characterized as selfish, a whopping 94 percent of Millennials want to use their work skills to benefit a good cause and do-good for society. In fact, 83 percent of Millennial respondents in a recent survey said that they would take a 15 percent pay cut if it meant having a job that made a difference in the world. So when it comes to Dream Dinners, Millennials are a natural fit for the franchise opportunity. Dream Dinner’s resonates with people of this young generation because of its overwhelmingly impactful mission – to grow great kids. Dream Dinners franchise is a great fit for Millennials who want to have a positive impact on society.

2.  Financially Responsible

Many Millennials watched their parents, some of whom lost their life savings, struggle during the 2008 recession. This has caused many Millennials to become skeptical of working for corporate America, fearing that they’ll put years of hard work into a company only to later to be laid off during hard economic times. After learning the importance of saving and smart investing, Millennials – especially the youngest ones – have also become savvy in managing their money, a necessary skill for Dream Dinners franchisees. Because these individuals have learned the importance of money management and proactively investing in causes they care about, Dream Dinners franchise is a worthwhile and noble investment for these individuals.

3.  Digital Savviness

Known as “The Social Generation,” Millennials have grown up in the digital age. Instead of fearing new technologies, Millennials embrace them. This savviness can come in handy for Millennial Dream Dinners franchisees when they’re looking to market their franchise. Because most Millennials are social media experts, embracing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, they can leverage this knowledge to skillfully market their franchise to customers via these platforms.

The Dream Dinners Franchise Opportunity 

Millennials should bring their do-good attitude, fiscal responsibility and digital knowledge to the franchise industry by becoming spectacular Dream Dinners franchisees. However, Millennials aren’t the only generation that make great Dream Dinners franchisees. The Dream Dinners franchise opportunity can be a great fit for Generation Xers and Baby Boomers, too! Learn more about why the Dream Dinners franchise opportunity is right for people of all ages. To learn more about the Dream Dinners franchise opportunity, visit the Dream Dinners franchise information page today.