Why Dream Dinners Franchisees Need to Listen to Their Customers

August 18, 2015 In: Customer Service, Ingredients for Success Comments (None)

Why Dream Dinners Franchisees Need to Listen to Their Customers

As a Dream Dinners franchisee, you likely take a different approach to thinking about your customers. They’re not just consumers who come in and pay for a service. They’re members of the community you’re involved with month in and month out. Your customers are part of the community you serve and become an extended part of the Dream Dinners franchise family.

As a result, it’s critical that you take the time to pay attention to their wants and needs, while also listening to their concerns in a respectful way. After all, the perceptions that your customer base forms about the way your Dream Dinners franchise treats its patrons will ultimately influence the success or failure of your business. In fact, one of the most common reasons that a customer will leave a business for a competitor is because of his or her perception of how you manage customer relationships.

Take Off Your Rose-Colored Glasses and Listen

One of the first steps to actively listening to your customers and learning how to provide even better service is taking an objective approach. After all, everyone wants to believe that their business is the best and that there aren’t any issues. It’s easy for employees to tune out during a customer complaint, but effectively listening to a complaint can have a profound impact on customer retention.

Whether or not a customer’s issue is legitimate, it’s imperative that you and your staff take a moment to listen to the consumer’s complaint. This is a fundamental step to showing your customers that you value their opinion and want to provide them the best service possible. Even the subtle, small act of repeating a customer’s problem back to the individual can show you’re taking an active approach to solving their problem. By making this a standard practice whenever your staff face an unhappy customers, you put yourself in a better position to uncover holes in your operations and potentially fix them sooner than later.

Capitalize on Positive Feedback

Collecting customer feedback is a smart way for a Dream Dinners franchise to determine both their strengths and weaknesses of their business.

  • Create Rock-solid Best Practices. Another positive aspect of listening to your customers is identifying your strengths and integrating them into a set of procedures that will ensure long-term success. In other words, kind words are worth more than the great feeling that you’ve had a positive influence on your customers’ lives. You can use them to identify the practices that led to exceptional experiences.
  • Spread the Word Over Social Channels. Whether the positive review comes from an objective source or it is an award from public voters, try to use it to help reach out to potential customers. Post the reviews on your business website and social media platforms. Customers look for objective third-party validation when considering whether they want to try your business or not.

Better Retention and Acquisition

When you take the time to listen to your customers, you’re really killing two birds with one stone. First, you can identify where your Dream Dinners franchise is excelling, and work to make those daily habits for your staff. Second, you have the chance to learn from any issues your business is facing with customer service and fill those holes. In the end, customers will notice the difference and are more likely to remain loyal, while also recommending your franchise to their family and friends.