Spend Time with your Kids Preparing Dream Dinners Together

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With the obesity rate in America rising today, the importance of teaching America’s youth about nutrition is more important than ever. There are many factors that contribute to a child’s likelihood to become obese, and a plethora of these factors are in a child’s home.

A recent study by Cornell University found that children may be 24 percent more likely to eat healthier foods when they share mealtime with their families and 12 percent less likely to be overweight. When families make even the smallest of changes, like beginning to eat or prepare dinner together, these slight adjustments can have profound results.

Have Your Children Assist in the Meal Preparation Process
With September being National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, now is the perfect time to highlight how your children can be a part of the meal creation process, making them more likely to eat healthier foods and enjoy sharing family dinnertime around the table—all because they were a part of the process.

When parents share meal preparation with their children, they have the ability to shape how their children feel about food and their knowledge about healthier and unhealthier items. Research shows that parents can possibly affect the quality of their children’s food choices and intake both inside and outside of the home by spending more time preparing meals at home.

When children are involved in the meal preparation process, parents have the opportunity to share nutritional information with their children with tangible examples. Try letting your child cut up some fresh vegetables to add to your salad while you explain the benefits of eating your vegetables. If your child is too young to handle a knife, then why don’t you let them help season your meal instead and add in how some spices that can aid in digestion? There’s a variety of different tasks that your child can help with in the kitchen.

Not only can meal preparation be a learning experience for your children, but it can also be fun and easy! Giving your children the chance to assist you when preparing your family’s meals can serve as a great time to bond.

How Dream Dinners Can Help
Don’t have a lot of time to cook meals each and every day in your home? Well, Dream Dinners has a solution for that. Dream Dinners franchisees help to bring families together by providing everything that a family needs to assemble great dinners. Dream Dinners offers freedom from the hassles surrounding planning meals each night by providing fix-and-freeze meal solutions.

Children can be part of this meal preparation and assembling process by accompanying their parents to their local Dream Dinners to help assemble their meals for the month or by helping choose the Dream Dinners meals they will eat each month. Once all of the ingredients and recipes are gathered in the store, then parents can take this meals home to make and freeze for easy access on nights when they have less time.

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