Rhiannon Cochran’s Journey from Customer to Dream Dinners Franchisee

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Rhiannon Cochran’s Journey from Customer to Dream Dinners Franchisee

Some of the best Dream Dinners franchisees aren’t necessarily those who had a strong business background prior to owning a franchise, but rather the ones who first started with Dream Dinners as guests. Take Rhiannon Cochran’s story as an example.

Love at First Bite
Rhiannon was introduced to Dream Dinners shortly after giving birth to her second child. As a busy mom of two children, working full time as a Real Estate agent, Rhiannon needed a dinnertime solution. Her neighbor told her about Dream Dinners and she decided to check it out with her husband, attending a nearby location as a date night. As soon as they stepped foot in the Dream Dinners franchise and tried the delicious food, they were instantly hooked and had interest in becoming franchisees.

“While we were assembling the dinners, I observed the staff and owners and kept thinking how great it would be if I could own a store,” Rhiannon said. “I had never had a feeling like that before and there was just something unique about it. With the discovery of how Dream Dinners could help your family serve a delicious meal amidst a busy work week and life, I found myself brainstorming ways to share Dream Dinners with others.”

The Community Connection
What Rhiannon found that what she connected to the most was that the Dream Dinners franchise opportunity allowed her and her family to get in on the ground floor to help “revolutionize the food industry and bring families back around the dinner table.” This didn’t just start with serving their customers, but also by embodying this mission as a family.

“It was reiterated that it would take a lot of hard work to get the Dream Dinners franchise up and running, but we were encouraged to take time to enjoy our family and to be balanced between Dream Dinners and our home life,” Rhiannon said. “I really appreciated how they were looking for franchisees that were relatable to their clientele and involved in their communities.”

Taking the Leap Towards Dream Dinners Franchise Ownership
Rhiannon didn’t want to go into franchising alone, so she recruited her mom, Sheila Klockow to go into business with her. Rhiannon and her mother previously worked together as Real Estate agents, so she knew from past experience that her mother would be a great franchise partner.

Today, Rhiannon and Sheila are happy and nearing their 10 year anniversary of franchise ownership at their Dream Dinners Parker, Colorado location. Rhiannon, now a mother of four, is grateful for the flexibility being a Dream Dinners franchisee has brought in to her life.

“Having four children makes flexibility in my schedule key for me and being a Dream Dinners franchisee has given me the opportunity to have a flexible schedule,” she said. “The Dream Dinners franchisors are wonderful and supportive to their owner community. This has created a strong and reliable Dream Dinners family that is delightful to be a part of.”

Life as a Dream Dinners Franchisee
Rhiannon feels she is living the Dream Dinners mission of helping to provide her community with regular, homemade meals that allow everyone to reap the benefits eating as a family.

Rhiannon’s personal motto is that “giving is more important than receiving,” and through this process she has had the ability to build meaningful relationships with loyal customers and help give back to community.

“Words cannot express how it feels to positively impact families month after month by assisting them in creating strong relationships with their children and spouse by opening communication around the dinner table and creating healthy eating habits,” Rhiannon said. “Not a lot of businesses out there tie themselves to an emotion, something that makes both you and the customer feel good at the end of the day, and I’m grateful to be a part of a franchise system that does.”

Not only has becoming a Dream Dinners franchisee benefited the community of Parker, Colorado, but it has also helped strengthen Rhiannon’s family and teach her children valuable life lessons.

“I feel very blessed to be able to teach my children that hard work is required to have nice things in life and that giving is more important than receiving! Not many people feel that reward on a daily basis,” Rhiannon said.

You Can Become a Dream Dinners Franchisee Too!
Are you interested in giving back to your community by helping to provide the tools that families need to eat regular, in-home family meals? If so, then becoming a Dream Dinners franchisee may be the right fit for you. To learn more about how you can bring a new Dream Dinners franchise location to your neighborhood or how you can purchase a Dream Dinners franchise for sale, visit the Dream Dinners franchise information page today.


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