Meal Prep Businesses Like Dream Dinners Franchise Revving up for Growth

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Meal Prep Businesses Like Dream Dinners Franchise Revving up for Rapid Growth

Many people dream of having the ability to sit down at the dinner table with their families each night to enjoy a delicious, home cooked meal. While many of us long for this life, the reality is that most of us are too busy or too inexperienced in the kitchen to accomplish this goal.

In fact, a recent study of men and women above the age of 25 found that 28 percent of respondents reported they don’t know how to cook, 25 percent said they don’t cook because they don’t want to clean up afterward and another 21 percent said they simply don’t have enough time to cook. Whatever the reason may be, Americans just aren’t as handy in the kitchen as their parents and grandparents once were, but Dream Dinners franchise is striving to fix this.

The Meal-Preparation Revolution

Today’s consumers don’t want to take extensive time to provide their families with a nutritious, home-cooked meal. In fact, roughly 77 percent of Americans wish to have a meal on the table in 40 minutes or less. A lack of experience and desire to be in the kitchen is causing a big culinary trend in America— the rise of the meal-preparation franchise industry.

A recent report conducted by Technomic predicted that in the next 10 years, the meal-kit industry is expected to grow between $3-5 billion dollars. Meal preparation has mass appeal for consumers – from Millennials who crave customization but lack experience to Generation Xers who are constantly on-the-run with school-aged children. Meal preparation has even struck the Baby Boomers who, having just entered retirement age, simply wish to dedicate their time outside of the kitchen.

Dream Dinners franchise is at the forefront of the meal-preparation movement. Opening its doors in in 2003, Dream Dinners has worked to save busy American parents both time and money. Meal-preparation franchises provide customers with everything they need to provide a home cooked meal in a short amount of time – ingredients, recipes, cooking instructions and more. By completing all tasks prior to arrival from development to chopping and portioning, customers are able to eliminate the time it takes to plan, shop and prepare each meal – all you have to do is cook.

For the millions of Americans who want to eat healthy but don’t want to put extensive time and energy into their dinners, meal preparation solutions like Dream Dinners franchise are a wonderful resource.

Become a Dream Dinners Franchisee Today!

Would you like to help guests in your community prepare a homemade meal for their loved ones? Consider investing in a Dream Dinners franchise today. As leaders in their community by helping to bring families together, Dream Dinners franchisees have the potential to create a legacy by investing in our nation’s children.

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