Is Your Dream Dinners Franchise Committing These 4 Hiring Blunders?

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Is Your Dream Dinners Franchise Committing These 4 Hiring Blunders?

Your  employees interact with customers on a daily basis, so hiring the right people to help run your Dream Dinners franchise is vital for the success of your business. Not only can hiring the wrong people turn customers away, but hiring mistakes can be costly to your franchise. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the average cost of a bad hire equals about 30 percent of that individual’s first year earnings, meaning an employee who makes $25,000 a year will cost your franchise $7,500. Not to mention that a hiring blunder can waste ample time, money, productivity and lower employee morale.

Many Dream Dinners franchisees don’t know they’re committing a common hiring blunder until it’s too late and they’ve already wasted their resources on an unfit employee. Today, Dream Dinners franchise reviews four of the most common hiring mistakes franchisees make and how you can overcome them to save your business’s resources.

Avoid These 4 Common Hiring Blunders

  1. Not following a system – Not having a standardized hiring process in place can make it difficult for franchisees to differentiate and compare candidates with one another. When Dream Dinners franchisees have an opening in their store, they should have a system for how they publicize the opportunity, evaluate candidates, learn more about prospects and receive input from existing employees. By setting standards in advance that employees should meet, you’ll be able to better gauge in an interview if they’ll be a good fit for the job.
  2. Undervaluing cultural fit – Many people make the mistake of looking too much into an employee’s past experience and skills when evaluating a candidate and overlook if they’ll fit in well with their current team. Dream Dinners is a team-based franchise – a franchisee will only be successful if their staff works well together. That’s why it’s vital to determine if a candidate would fit in well within the overall Dream Dinners culture when bringing a new employee on board. Dream Dinners values community, family and health, so if a candidate doesn’t share some of these same values, then they may not be the right person for your franchise.
  3. Rushing the process – When there’s an opening in your franchise, your first instinct may be to hire someone as soon as you can, but this isn’t always the best idea. When you rush the process of hiring, you risk hiring someone who lacks the necessary skills, doesn’t mesh well with your current staff or has a poor work ethic. Although a void in your staff may leave a temporary increased workload for your team, rushing the process may lead to even more troubles in the future if the candidate doesn’t work out. You shouldn’t hire just anyone for your franchise; set standards that your employee should demonstrate and vet them thoroughly before you make an offer.
  4. Not publicizing the opportunity – You may think that just because you have a job opening, it will be easy for prospects to find. But if you don’t publicize your job opportunity, how will anyone know you’re hiring? Dream Dinners franchisees should put thought into how they’re going to distribute and publicize their job opportunity so they can land the most qualified candidates. Whether you encourage your employees to spread the word to friends and family, use social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook or put up a “Now Hiring” sign in your Dream Dinners franchise, make sure you’ve developed a plan for how you will get the word out about your franchise’s job opening.

Committing just one hiring mistake and bringing the wrong candidate into your franchise can cost you valuable time in terms of recruiting, interviewing, onboarding and then repeating the process. Don’t fall victim to one of these common hiring blunders. By creating a standardized process that thoroughly vets candidates, methodically publicizing the opening and valuing culture as much as past experience, you’ll be well-equipped to hire the right team member every time.