How Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Reach Dads With Marketing

June 3, 2015 In: Ingredients for Success, Marketing Comments (None)
How Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Reach the Dad Demographic With Marketing 

Although busy moms tend to be the sweet spot of customers for Dream Dinners franchisees, that doesn’t mean that they should only focus their marketing efforts on this key demographic. The household roles of moms and dads are changing as more and more women continue join the workforce with full-time jobs. Men have begun taking over culinary tasks, like preparing family dinners, at an increased rate, with a recent study citing that percentage of men who spend time cooking in the kitchen daily has increase from 29 percent in 1965 to 42 percent today.

Check out our video below to see how Dream Dinners franchisees can better market their Dream Dinners franchise to dads.

When marketing to dads, don’t forget to make the message clear and simple. Make sure to focus the visual aspects of the advertisement on how Dream Dinners meals can bring their family together.

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