Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Market Their Store for the Fourth of July

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How Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Market Their Store as the Go-To Solution for the Fourth of July

When you think of the Fourth of July, most people think of friends, family, fireworks and of course, barbecues. The best part of every Fourth of July party is the spread of food to choose from. Whether you’re serving and eating juicy watermelon, hot-off-the-grill hamburgers or creamy potato salad, all partygoers get excited about Fourth of July snacks.

However, you might not match their excitement if you’re the one in charge of throwing this annual bash and providing all of the food. Planning, shopping, preparing and cooking for a big backyard barbecue can be a daunting task. From ensuring that your barbecue won’t run out of food to safeguarding that all of the treats are delicious, being the host may be overwhelming.

However, this task can be made much easier for your Dream Dinners customers, because they can turn their favorite Dream Dinners franchise entrees into yummy appetizers for their patriotic barbecue. Dream Dinners franchisees are encouraged to market their businesses to be the go-to place to prepare their Fourth of July food spread, and here are some tips for how to do so.

How to Market Your Dream Dinners Franchise for the Fourth of July

1.     If your Dream Dinners franchise has its own social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then send out a blast to your fans explaining how Dream Dinners can be the solution for their Fourth of July barbecue.

2.     Many Dream Dinners meals lend themselves to be transformed from regular entrees to Fourth of July snacks. For meals that can be easily converted, create and place signs next to them to let customers know that these can easily be transformed. For example:

3.     Provide your customers with recipe flyers that outline recipes and instructions on how to alter these popular menu items to become Fourth of July appetizers for their party.

4.     Give your guests friendly reminders when they come to prepare their meals that Dream Dinners can be a great food solution for their Fourth of July bash.

For more information or ideas about how your customer’s favorite Dream Dinners menu items can be transformed into decadent appetizers, examine our Dream Dinners menu today and put your creativity cap on!