Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews 7 Tips from Entrepreneurial Women

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Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews 7 Tips from Successful Entrepreneurial Women

Juggling business ownership with being a mother can be intimidating for women looking to take a leap of faith into owning a franchise business. But, it’s important to remember that it’s been done before and is quite common.

The National Women’s Business Council reports that America is the home of about 7.8 million women-owned businesses, many of these being owned by not just a woman, but a mompreneur. Although becoming a mompreneur presents its unique set challenges, it also provides inspiring rewards. Today, the Dream Dinners franchise reviews advice and words of encouragement from successful women entrepreneurs.

  1. Be Present

Being a mother and work leadership are both hard jobs, but Sari Davidson, CEO of Booinghead encourages mothers to be “present” for both.

“When you are at home, really be there with your children for that quality time,” said Davidson. “And the same goes for work. Your employees need care and attention, too, in order to grow and flourish.”

  1. Trust Your Instinct

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is all about self-trust. If mompreneur doesn’t trust a decision that she is making, then the decision probably isn’t ready to be made.

“Women have a strong “gut” feeling about things and if it doesn’t feel right, she needs to trust herself,” said Dream Dinners Co-Founders, Stephanie Allen and Tina Kuna. “She needs to wait until she has peace of mind before making a decision.”

  1. Ask For Help

Davidson encourages women not to be afraid to ask for help in times of need.

“We are not superhuman,” she notes. “But what we are doing is great. Let’s celebrate our successes and continue to do our best for our company and our children.”

  1. Lead By Example

Just because more women are entering the world of business ownership doesn’t mean that the gender discrimination has been eliminated completely. Despite this discrimination, Jody Hall, CEO of Cupcake Royale, said that leading by example in the business is key.

We (women) lead differently than men, and many studies show our styles can be more effective,” said Hall. “Keep pushing and keep your dream alive!”

  1. Follow the Fire

Not everyone is meant to work a standard 9-5, corporate job. Zahra Al-Harazi, CEO of Foundry Communications encourages individuals who feel that the corporate sector isn’t for them to pursue what their gut is telling them.

“I realized that I was very unemployable,” said Al-Harazi. “I had a fire in me to do things a certain way, and I couldn’t do that working for someone else.”

  1. Hire Out for Your Flaws

Mompreneurs can’t be expected to do it all, and for this reason employing the right people to help build a business is crucial. Al-Harazi encourages mompreneurs to be “big picture thinkers” while hiring capable and inspired employees to execute the details.

  1. Learn to Say No

This is oftentimes one of the hardest aspects of business ownership for women. From a young age, women are taught to be respectful and considerate when communicating with others. However, thoughtfulness doesn’t always mean that a woman must accommodate everyone.

As with raising our children, there are times we’ve had to say, ‘No’ because we see the bigger picture of what’s in their best interest,” Allen and Kuna explained. “We’ve learned that saying, ‘No’ when needed is not being mean but is actually better for the franchise owner. Today, we are confident in our yes’s and our no’s.”

 The Dream Dinners Franchise Appeal
Dream Dinners is an ideal franchise model for prospective mompreneurs exploring the avenue of franchise ownership. The main mission of the Dream Dinners franchise is to bring American families together around the dinner table, creating a more solid family unit, which is oftentimes appealing to mompreneurs with that familial instinct.

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