Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews: 3 Tips for Delicious Make-Ahead Meals

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Dream Dinners Franchise Reviews: 3 Tips to Make Healthy and Delicious Prepared Meals

At Dream Dinners franchise, we know how difficult it can be to balance convenience, health and taste when it comes to providing your family with nutritious meals. We know parents are busy working late hours, while also helping get their kids to extracurricular activities and sporting events.

Convenient – But Unhealthy

As a result, many people turn to the frozen dinner section at the supermarket, foods which are usually packed with excess sodium and preservatives. Or else busy parents often make the choice to pick up take-out from fast food restaurants, where it takes a lot of effort to find a healthy option.

So, Dream Dinners franchisees play a central role in helping busy families make better choices that ensure they’re providing their loved ones with the best, freshest and healthiest options for family meals. With our system, you can select fresh ingredients and prepare your meals weeks ahead of time.

However, it’s important to follow the right steps when doing so. Here are three tips to help ensure your preparation is spot on:

1. Know What to Freeze

It’s pretty easy to throw all your leftovers into the freezer and pull them out during a busy weeknight. But, it’s oftentimes a gamble when you do so because it’s hard to be sure that the food will come out tasting fresh and delicious – and you don’t want to experiment on your family members. Yet, there are certain ingredients that freeze well. For instance, fresh vegetables like carrots, celery and onions are freezer friendly. Similarly, uncooked proteins, including chicken, fish and beef, are good to go in your freezer.

2. Defrosting 101

In the race to put delicious food on the table, it’s easy to forget some of the best practices for defrosting food safely. Based on your location and climate, food can thaw at different rates and leave open the chance for unsafe bacteria to form. For instance, defrosting proteins at room temperature promotes the spread of food-borne illnesses. Instead, it’s a better idea to thaw items in the refrigerator, microwave or in cold water.

3. Keep Food Fresh

That doesn’t mean just keeping perishable items in the fridge. Instead, the fundamental step toward healthier meals that everyone should take is to use the freshest ingredients possible. By avoiding processed foods, you can retain many of the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins that food naturally contains. Furthermore, freezing fresh vegetables and fruits at their peak allows you to capture the health benefits.

Preparing meals ahead of time doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor or health. By following these practices, families can enjoy fresh foods even when they’re busy with doctor’s appointments, sports and work.

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