5 Stress Management Hacks for Dream Dinners Franchisees

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5 Stress Management Hacks for Dream Dinners Franchisees

Running a business is hard work. Just as you finish one task, another task becomes an immediate priority, resulting in an increase of workplace stress. As a Dream Dinners franchisee, you may feel as if the success of your employees as well as your franchise lies directly on your shoulders. Work related stress is often unavoidable; however, it’s important to remember stress of any kind, in high levels, can negatively affect your personal and professional well-being.

Excessive stress can have a negative impact on your health, relationships and even your focus. This stress can trickle down and affect not just you and your employees, but your franchise’s bottom line.

While stress is inevitable, if you have the right habits in place that help to relieve some of this stress, you can lessen the effect workplace stress has on your franchise employees and your bottom line. Today, Dream Dinners franchise reviews five great ways Dream Dinners franchisees and employees can manage their stress levels.

How Dream Dinners Franchisees Can Reduce Stress:

  1. Personal, You Time — Operating continuously in “work mode” can cause an increase of your stress hormone, resulting in self neglect. Not having enough “you” time can have a negative effect on your personal wellbeing, which has an immediate effect on your Dream Dinners franchise. By taking just one hour a day to mentally check out of your business can help to increase your productivity. Take some time to read a book, go shopping, get a manicure, or just relax. Whatever it is you’ve been wishing you could do but couldn’t seem to find the time – do that.
  1. Be Active— A quick and effective way to let go of built up tensions and immediately reduce stress levels is to exercise. According to WebMD, all forms of exercise help with mental health and stability by “. . . helping the brain release feel-good chemicals (endorphins) and by giving your body a chance to practice dealing with stress.” While not everyone is an Olympic power lifter or even a fan of the gym, a simple, easy and calm walk around the block can help to improve your mood and lower your stress levels.
  1. Date Night— This night can be with whomever your choose, but it is about making time for those who are most important to you – your spouse, mom, dad, best friend or your children. Interaction outside of the workplace is crucial for your well-being. Workplace stress often leaves us to neglect ourselves and sometimes even our loved ones, so scheduling yourself a “date night” at least once per week will ensure that you aren’t letting your relationships falter as a result of stress.
  1. Breathe— There may be some days that are overly stressful, days when stepping away for an hour is difficult. On these days we suggest you to just breathe. Take just five minute to sit back relax and focus on your breathing. It may seem simple, or silly but according to Judith Tutin, PhD., “deep breathing counters the effects of stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.” Try a five minute meditation session to help you relax and clear your mind. At the end of your five minutes you’ll be able to go back to your Dream Dinners franchise with a fresh mind and ideas.
  1. Rock-n- Roll— Similar to deep breathing, listening to music has a relaxing effect on many people. For those high-stress days, reduce unnecessary tensions by blasting your favorite song and singing along in the car. Share this tip with your employees and guests of your Dream Dinners franchise location. Try playing background music at your Dream Dinners franchise location 24/7. Proving background music can help boost the mood and energy around your business, making for a more cheerful staff and happier guests.

Having the ability to effectively manage your workplace stress can help you to be more focused and productive as a Dream Dinners franchisee. The next time you’re feeling stressed or overburdened at work, try one of these five, quick stress-relievers.